Thursday, January 31, 2008

Guess why my arms are sore?

Come on people get your head out of the gutter. I bought Joe the wii today. For those of you are not familiar with this game system it is made by Nintendo and your actions move the people in the game. You hook up the controller to your hand and as you move so does the arms of the little Nintendo guys. Bryson is in love with the wii already. He is a fast learner and picked it up quick. His teacher at school says he is really good at hitting kids and he really showed off his skills on the boxing game. Carter had to get in on action and showed off his skills in baseball. He was throwing screwballs and splitters. Go Carter! For dinner I was cooking ground beef and I could hardly break up the meat. I know, I know pathetic, but hey I am being honest here. The boxing game really kick my butt. I think I pulled a muscle in my back also. I definitely think I need a full body massage now.
I had a great video but it was a lot darker than I would have liked. I will try and get one posted up tomorrow of Bryson boxing.


johnandvic said...

HAHAHAHAHAH!! I laughed so hard!! We jsut got a Wii yesterday and I hooked it up today and the kids are having a ball... I was going to put pics on my blog tonight or tomorrow.. TOO FUNNY... Great minds think a like :)

sjt said...