Sunday, January 20, 2008

Guess what we did this weekend?

On Friday the news gave a Winter Storm Advisory for Saturday. We were all getting really excited for it to snow. It hadn't snowed since last February. Saturday around noon it started to rain around 3 we had a bit of a mixture then finally at 4 it turned to snow.

We went outside and played while it was falling down.

We then had dinner plans with some friends of ours. Afterwards the kids really wanted to play outside but it was 9 and way past their bedtime. It was still snowing so we told them that they could play in the morning.

This morning we woke up and all the snow in our yard had melted. Bryson and Carter were so sad. What is a mother to do with two sad boys that want to play in the snow? We walked across the street to our neighbors yard and they played away. Not exactly the snow had already began to melt so it was hard as ice. We stayed outside probably about 10 minutes and they were done.


johnandvic said...

MUST BE NICE!! :) We sure do miss it at Pope especially when it did snow..Wish we were there to enjoy it. Maybe we will get some here in GA... NOT!! :) Glad the boys got to play in the snow or what was left of it.

sjt said...

Great photos Dawn!