Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Our Christmas Journey Day 3 Part 1

Day 3 Part 1 December 23rd:

What an exciting day, today was the day that we hit the parks and boy were we ready. We figured we would start off at the Magic Kingdom. There is no better way to start your day than walking up main street and laying your eyes on Cinderella's castle. It is definitely a site to see. Throughout the trip I took many pictures of this beautiful castle. I will try and show you as much as I think you can handle. We got to the parking lot about 8 and had to ride the tram to the monorail. Our tram driver was pretty funny. He pointed out to the riders that we were parked in section Pluto, rows 20-21. So he began singing or chanting this song. It went PLUTO 20-21, PLUTO 20-21, PLUTO 20-21. The whole tram was now chanting it. That was the only day we didn't have to think about where our car was parked. After all that chanting we were now ready to get on the monorail.
We walked in the Kingdom at about 8:30 there weren't a lot of people there so we thought we would get some good rides in first.
Just before you enter main street you pass under this. I have never noticed it before so I thought I would take a picture. We then walked up main street and I got the first picture of the boys in front of the castle. I sent Joe off to Space Mountain to get fast passes and the kids and I walked over to Splash Mountain.

On the way there we saw our first characters of the day. They were Woody and Jessie from the movie Toy Story. To bad daddy had their autograph books. Note to self keep them with the kids at all times.

We were so excited that Carter would be able to ride the big rides. We had been measuring his height at the house to make sure he would be 40 inches and he was. We waited for Joe to get back and then we headed to the line. The CM(Cast Member) asked to measure Carter. Sure we thought, no problem. I put Carter under the measuring stick and guess what he was not tall enough. Apparently he is 40 at home inches but not 40 Disney inches, I guess they must add a bit for kids who wear big soled tennis shoes. I the avid rider was devastated. I had made sure Carter was going to be tall enough and we had come all this way and he wasn't going to be able to ride anything but baby rides.

Joe stayed back with Carter and I took Bryson to ride his first ride of the day. Splash Mountain. When we got done Joe took his turn with Bryson. As you can see the trend for the day. Bryson got to ride once with me and then again with Joe. He rode the most rides out of all of us.

After Splash Mountain we figured we would ride a ride Carter could do so we headed over to one of Bryson's favorite rides from Disneyland, Pirates of the Caribbean. I do have to say Jack Sparrow looked amazing but the ride was not as good as Pirates in Disneyland.By the way Mimi the boys wore their Pirates shirts that you got them and everyone loved them. People were asking us all day what store we got them at.

On the way to Mickey and Minnie's house we ran into Wendy and Peter Pan. This time we were prepared with their autograph books.Carter was a little shy with Wendy but warmed up enough for an autograph and a picture.

We rode the train and finally made it see Mickey. Carter was so excited! He loves Mickey Mouse.

Coming up: The boys get their License, we conquer the evil Emperor Zurg, and we eat at the Contemporary for dinner.

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sjt said...

Great stuff! Cute pictures. I'll remember the 40inches rule for when I have kids!

johnandvic said...

Love the pictures.. Can't wait to take the boys to Disney.. Poor Colby he will be 7 years old before he reaches 40inches rule to ride any rides.. Ha ha...Keep the pictures coming...