Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

I didn't take any pictures for thanksgiving. Oh well!! We did have a blast though. The Salas family came over and we had a lot of fun eating. We had so much food.

After we let our bellies settle for a bit we played some games. We did a lot of boys vs girls and I say the girls one. It was an awesome Thanksgiving.

I am so thankful for the family and friends that I have.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

How we almost missed our flight.

I forgot to tell a funny story about Chase and I and our return flight back here to Okinawa.

It all started really early in the morning October 20th. Happy 18 months to Chasers. Anyway we got up really early to head to the airport there in Albuquerque. Shannon's husband Ryan was taking us and I had him stop by Starbucks to pick me up a coffee. Yummy. We had to wait about 10 minutes for it to open and I was wondering if we would have time. Ryan and I discussed him driving really fast afterwards so we waited.

Finally Starbucks opened up and I placed my order and we drove around. I love this Starbucks because when we drove up they said it was free. SCORE!! It's funny because a week prior I was at the very same Starbucks ordering my coffee and muffin when I drove up to the window the lady said I didn't owe anything. I was surprised and she explained that the gentleman in front of me had picked up my tab. AWESOME!!

Anyway back to the story again. We make it to the airport and head on through security. Now traveling with a child and no extra help can be a bit challenging at times. Because we all know the best way to hide a bomb is on the stroller. Alright not funny but the stroller has to be emptied of the child and the pockets that collect lots of trash and boogie wipes has to be emptied as well. I even have to take the babies shoes off. Seriously...I am not making this up.

I collect Chase we walk through and we get beeped. I empty the rest of my pockets and we walk back through. Once through we collect our things and off to the gate we go. They are already boarding so we show the lady our ticket and head right on to the plane.

Once on the plane I get Chase settled I put up my bags and we sit tight. About 10 minutes later they are walking through the cabin shutting the over head bins and telling everyone to turn off their electronics. All the sudden I remember my phone....I stand up to feel my pockets, I look in my bag. I realize I don't have it. Not that big of a problem but then I remember the security point and my wallet. My WALLET, with my ID.

I jump up and tell the flight attendant the story really quick. She says "Oh well, we can't let you go get it but would you like to wait for another plane to LA?" Um no lady!! I tell her "That wouldn't be a problem if I was only flying to LA, but that if I didn't make this flight I would miss my connection to Tokyo. "Oh" she says, "That does sound like a problem."

She then tells me that it's the pilot's decision. Chase is sitting in his seat belted in so I walk up to the front with the flight attendant. She tells him the story and thankfully he gave me the go ahead.

Now in the split second I thought do I take Chase with me and run to the security and risk them changing their minds, or do I leave him on the plane knowing they wouldn't leave me behind?????

Of course I left my baby are you kidding me....I knew they wouldn't leave me with Chase on board. He was my golden ticket.

I ran all the way to the security check point. Out of breath I tell them what i have lost and anxiously wait to see if it was turned in/found. Yay it was!! I have to sign my life away before they give it to me, then I run all the way back to the plane.

So....that's my story of almost missing my plane. I am just thankful that I remembered when I did. I don't know what I would have done in LA without my ID and Credit Cards. I would have been stuck there with no money and only my passport which wouldn't even get me into Okinawa. I have to show my military ID.

Thankfully God was watching over my forgetful brain.

Monday, November 22, 2010

How many lives does Carter have?

We were out in town yesterday. We had gone to a professional soccer game here on the island with the Salas family and afterwards we decided to walk down the street to get ice cream.

He was just in his own world I think. We were all walking as a group on the side walk, we were coming up to the street that we needed to turn left. The traffic on the street was rushing by and as we walked up the sidewalk we all turned left and stopped....everyone except Carter.

He continued to walk right into traffic, right as a fast car was passing by. It was so close.

Leann, her mother and I all shouted out to Carter at the same time, "CARTER!!!". As we were yelling his name I leaped forward to pull him back.

I could see it happening right before my eyes. So scary, I am talking about inches. I don't know what to do with this child of mine.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Christmas Card Picture Set Up

So I decided to take some pictures of the kids for our Christmas Cards this year. I had taken pictures of Leann's kids the previous day and just left the living room all set up to do my kids today. Here is what my living room looks like when I have a newborn session or a kid session with backdrops.

It's so much harder to take photos of my kids.

Bryson is always super easy. He always has been since day one, even at his monthly pictures and then yearly pictures he would smile on cue and we were in and out of the studio in under an hour tops.

Carter on the other hand is awful. His smile is fake and I can't seem to hold his attention very long. I very seldom get a great photo of him. I do have to say he has gotten just a tad bit better as he gets older.

Chase just doesn't want to sit still "PERIOD"!!!

A lot of you have seen these pictures already since I have already sent out Christmas Cards. Technically it's January 15th but like I said earlier I am backdating all these posts and writing them like they happened on that day. Sneaky I know!!

Anyway one special person who hasn't gotten this card yet is my BFF Lindsey Lou. Lindsey I planned on sending your card to you with the shirts for the girls but then realized your birthday was coming up and I was headed to Korea. Well, Korea was great but I didn't really see anything that I knew you would like or that might be your style so I am trying to find something for you here, though at the moment my favorite gift shop is closed. They have a huge shipment coming in from China and I am wondering if there might be something for you in that shipment so hopefully your gift will be headed to you soon and the girls shirts still fit them.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

New Mexico Equals Spanish

Carter: Hey Mom did you know that Bryson is Spanish?

Mom: (me half listening to him) "What did you say Carter?"

Carter: "Yeah, he is spanish because he was born in New Mexico."

The things kids say.....hilarious!! Though it does make since, when we visit New Mexico you hear spanish everywhere you go.

Monday, November 1, 2010

A Broken Collarbone

Guess Who????

Yep, that would be Carter. He was out running with his friends and fell on the outside of his left shoulder. He of course came home crying and I looked at it and give hims some Tylenol. He sat on the couch for awhile and seems to be getting better. After dinner he sits back down on the couch and screams out in pain. I then take off his shirt to have a better look and there was a big bulge.

Joe took him to the ER this time and it was in fact broken. There isn't much you can do for a collar bone so they put his arm in a sling and then took two ace bandages and wrapped it around the front of his arm all the way around his back so that his arm wouldn't move while it lay across his chest. It was quite funny really. I took photos but can't seem to find one of my point and shoot cameras. I hope to add a photo later.

Our Poor Carter