Monday, January 21, 2008

Our Christmas Journey Day 5 Part 1

December 25th Day 5 Part 1

Santa found us, and he was able to get in.
Bryson woke up and said "It's so MAGICAL" I agree! He guessed that Santa must have come through the window since his bed was right up against the door. We woke up and the kids checked out their gifts that Santa brought. Carter got a Lightning McQueen race track
and Bryson got a big Optimus Prime.
I am just thankful Santa didn't bring a whole bunch of stuff. He must have known that we would be at Disney World. Santa is so smart. They also emptied out their stocking then we got ready to hit the parks. First up Epcot.

We entered the park and went straight for the ride Test Track. I heard that this was the ride to go to first as the wait times can exceed an hour.
This is the description of Test Track that they give you- Enter the hair-raising world of auto testing on one of the longest, fastest rides in Disney history! Strap yourself in to race up bumpy terrain, roar through hair-pin turns, speed into freezing cold chambers, and rush on to 50-degree banked curves at 60 miles an hour. Sounds like fun huh? It was a blast. The height requirement was 40 inches so we slipped on Carters super shoes and off we went. Carter liked the ride up until it took off on the race track and we got up to 64 miles and hour. He didn't like that part so much. Here is a picture that I got off the Internet to try and show you the ride. As you exit the ride they have a bunch of cool looking cars. We had to stop and take pictures of course.

We walked over to the Nemo ride and picked up some fast passes for Soarin on the way.
The Nemo ride was fun but nothing exciting could have skipped it. We went and visited Bruce from Finding Nemo

and then saw where we would be eating dinner the next day which was at the Coral Reef.

We jumped on to the Monorail and headed to for brunch. When we got on the Monorail we were able to sit up front in our own special car with the driver. How cool is that? The kids loved it and even got an honorary Monorail License.
Here is Joe getting his License.
The Contemporary Resort is in the background where Chef Mickeys is at.

Coming up: Brunch with Mickey and Friends and what park do we go to next?


sjt said...

Great photos! How cool yall got to sit in the very front! Can you believe the Heath Ledger news just now?? R.I.P. That's crazy. I always go to for the entertainment news well check out his recently posted interview that took place 2 months ago... watch his behavior.

Lindsey said...

Joe looks real excited about his license:) Glad santa found you guys.