Friday, January 4, 2008

Our Christmas Vacation Day 2 Part 1

Day 2 Part 1 December 22nd:

We wake up bright and early get dressed and head to the Magic Kingdom. We want to see Mickey Mouse first......wait a minute I have skipped a day. Must go back!!

The kids wake up bright and early. Apparently Bryson woke up and Nathan was not in bed with him so he went on a mission to find him. John said Bryson came wandering into their room. Mission accomplished, he found the Doubles having a slumber party! Once I heard the boys running around I figured I should get up. The night before we thought we would go to Cracker Barrel for breakfast.

***Going to Cracker Barrel with the Double's was a Sunday tradition back in North Carolina. The very first time we all went together Carter took one for the team. We were all outside waiting for our table when Carter was stung by a wasp. Not once but twice. He was crying pretty hard so I took him inside to check it out and to figure out what to do about it. I hadn't dealt with wasp stings in well, I don't know how long. Cracker Barrel was very nice about it and were very open to giving suggestions. One lady sad to put tobacco on it, another said vinegar. At this point I was ready to try anything. We didn't know he had been stung twice at first. So, we put the vinegar and tobacco on his arm and were seated shortly after that. Once we sat down is when we realized he had been stung on his finger as well. Thank goodness Carter is not allergic to wasp stings. Cracker Barrel came by and told us they would be picking up our check. So, our family of four quickly became a family of eight. They also sent us a 50 dollar gift card in the mail. I am sure they were probably nervous of being sued, but things like this happen. From then on it became a joke of who was going to take one for the team each time we went.***

Everyone got up and got dressed so we could head out for breakfast, but the boys had to complete yet another mission. Vicki had bought the boys silly string to play with and when the boys woke up they were very eager to do this. Bryson and Nathan had a blast.
Afterwards they decorated one of Vicki and John's old Christmas trees that had died.
Vicki even got in on a little bit of action. Go Vic!!
Everyone had a great breakfast at Cracker Barrel and after a few short goodbyes we were off again.

Coming up: How long of a drive do we have? Is our hotel really what we thought it would be? Is Wolfgang Puck's as good as everyone says it is?


sjt said...

Great new layout. Glad the christmas songs are gone. I put up some of the frames they look great! However, i have NO 5 x 7 pictures and therefore am unable to put them up :( Ryan and I are going bowling tonight with some friends. Should be fun.
love ya.

Lindsey said...

Glad to see you guys had a fun time! My mom and dad are going to be in your neighborhood sometime in February I think. Talk to you soon.