Sunday, January 13, 2008

Our Christmas Journey Day 4 Part 1

When we had gotten back from Magic Kingdom the night before, Joe and I really thought about what we could do to make Carter taller. He didn't need much just a bit to hit the board. I wish I had taken a picture of him against the height chart but I didn't. When I was packing for our trip I had brought along two pair of shoes for everyone. You never know when you are going to need another pair. What if we took Bryson's spare shoes and put the insoles of Carters spare shoes in them. Would that make him tall enough? I don't know but let’s try....

Day 4 Part 1 December 24th:

Today was the only day that the boys had the chance to play on the field in between our buildings. I was finishing up getting ready, once again I am a girl and it takes me longer than five minutes to get ready. The boys were running around crazy in the hotel room and I told Joe to take them out and let them run around. While we were in Downtown Disney the first day we bought the boys a couple of Disney World footballs. Not like they needed anymore but they had the year 2007 on them and what can I say I love mementos.

Joe took these pictures and I do have to say he did a good job getting a bit of variety. Good Job Babe!

Into the wild we go. We are off to the Animal Kingdom. I had heard a lot of good things about the Animal Kingdom so we were really looking forward to this day. We arrived at the Kingdom about 9am and headed right for Asia. We decided that we would ride the big ride Expedition Everest before the lines got long. We knew Carter wouldn't be able to ride this ride because the height requirement was 44inches. When we got there Joe pointed out that I went on the first ride Splash Mountain yesterday and that it was his turn today. I think to myself "dang it I really wanted to go first". Oh well, I get to go second and that is pretty good. While Joe and Bryson are riding this ride I sneak Carter over to Dinoland and let him ride a quick ride.We rode it twice since there were no lines and he liked it. Then it was back to Asia. It was now my turn to ride EE! Bryson came off so excited and he loved it. Joe also said that it was a lot of fun and way better than the Yeti ride in Disneyland. I took a quick picture of the boys in front of the ride coming down and then Bryson and I were off to ride it. This is at the top of the ride, just before it goes backwards.
I don't know what made me look for it but I started to feel around my pockets for my phone. Oh no, where is it? Joe do you have it? I frantically search for it in the stroller. No, not there either. I go to the photo booth and she says that the car I was in will have to go around again. What? The car I was in, is going to do the whole ride again and then I can hope my phone is still in there? Yes she says. I tell Joe I am sorry but that we will be buying another phone when we get back. After what felt like an eternity the lady comes back holding my phone. "You found it" I say. Even the boys are excited!!From then on my phone and I never parted.

After EE we walked over to the Tree of Life. This tree is huge. It is 14 stories high and has over 325 animals craved into it. Amazing to look at. The show "Its a Bugs Life 3-D" was at the base of the tree and the line wrapped around the tree. We liked spotting out the animals.

The boys liked the show and Carter was trying to catch the butterfly. You can click on any picture to make them larger.

Coming up: Is Carter going to be tall enough? Do we get in trouble? Who do the boys get to meet in the Animal Kingdom?


sjt said...

Dawn I love the picture of the boys hugging eachother! I copied and saved it! The tree with all the carved animals in it is freakin awesome! Great photos!!

lindsey said...

Joe did a good joy on the pictures:) Emma and I enjoy looking at them. Everytime she asks who is that boy...I think she likes them!! it is fun reading your blog it is like a soap opera...
love ya