Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year! UPDATE

Well, I am going to post-pone the Disney trip one more day. It's New Years and that in itself deserves a post.

Happy New Year!

It's the start of a new year....What where some of your highlights in 2007? What are your resolutions? At the end of each post it says Comments, you can click this and leave me your answer if you would like.

Highlights from our 2007

January: We finally got everything settled into our new house here in North Carolina.
February: My dad(Papa) came to visit us.
March: We got a new vehicle.
April: I had a birthday, and Bryson had his tonsils and adnoids removed.
May: Carter turns two and we visit Washington D.C. and see lots of family.
August: Bryson starts Kindergarten. Joe had his eyes corrected. Yeah no more contacts!
September: Bryson turns 5 and my mother(Mimi) comes to visit.
October: We are back down to one vehicle.
November: We had a great Thanksgiving and are thankful for many things.
December: Joe is one year away from 30 ;) Merry Christmas, we were lucky enough to visit the place where Dreams come true.

I will have to think about June and July.

And the big one New Years Resolutions.
Why we even do this is beyond me because in two weeks nobody will even remember what the were suppose to Resolve! So here are mine.

1. Try to keep up with the laundry. It seems like I always have a never ending pile to do.
2. Be more patient. To others, my family, and myself.
3. To be more forgiving to my neighbors across the street that said they would not and when I say not it was NOT watch Ashes while we went on vacation. Yet the day we get back they need us to do them a favor.
4. To try and not buy the boys so much stuff.
5. Which leads to... Try and throw out more stuff and not be so much of a pack rat.

I think that is enough of things that will be forgotten in a week anyways.

I thought I would add what we had for dinner and some pictures. We had our traditional meal of blackeyed peas and Cabbage. The meat from year to year varies. This year we had beef ribs. They were so yummy. Does everyone know the history about the blackeyed peas and the cabbage? If not just comment me and I will answer. Here are a few great pics.

I also have a funny story about the mark in between Dear Husbands eyes. You see he wasn't even drunk last night. We were watching a pretty cool movie NEXT when he had to use the restroom. He went and when he turned around SMACK it happened. He hit his forehead on the corner of the door. It made a pretty large gash. After the bleeding had slowed down poor hubby went to walmart to try and get some butterfly bandages. He knew going in the E.R. even at the 7 hour they would think he had been drunk or something and this is not what he wanted or needed. So, we will see how it heals. I will keep you posted. It's hard to see just how bad it was but he says it probably needed stitches.

Here is something pretty funny that I made!
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sjt said...

ha ha to the jib jab! i called you dawn! text respond or anything?

Susannah J Butikofer said...

Poor Joe's head. I'm glad he's alright. It was good talking to you guys last night.