Sunday, February 3, 2008

Our Christmas Journey Day 5 Part 3

December 25th Day 5 Part 3

It was almost the start of the parade. We had waited awhile for this parade so we were really excited when it started. I was trying to video tape and take pictures at the same time so the pictures aren't as good as I would have liked but here you go....
Mickey's Once Upon A Christmas Parade

We loved watching these soldiers. The sounds their feet made walking on the street was almost hypnotic. They were my favorite of the parade.

Santa even stuck around Florida for the parade.

After the parade we walked over to Liberty Square and rode the Haunted Mansion. I really thought that Bryson would like this ride but both the boys didn't like it at all. I wonder why....

One thing Joe has really wanted to do was see the hall of presidents. When we were in Disneyland he wasn't able to see them because they were holding the 50th year anniversary. I knew it was a must for him.

Carter found the show so entertaining that he fell asleep. Which was good for us because he needed a nap. Joe sat with Carter and I took Bryson to ride Thunder Mountain Railroad. We had fast passes so we got on and off really quick.
It was starting to get dark and the lighting of the Castle was quickly approaching. We made our way through what felt like millions of people and found a spot pretty close.

Carter was still sleeping and slept through most of the lighting.

After the lighting we walked over to Splash Mountain. That's right folks Carter was going to ride Splash!! We were all excited. We put on our fancy ponchos. Only to find out that we only had one adult. I don't know how I managed to do that but it happened. I don't know why I even wore the child poncho. It didn't cover anything. It wasn't long enough to cover my butt. At least my upper half was covered and the camera was protected. Carter and I sat up front which probably wasn’t' a good thing for him. I took a picture of Joe and Bryson.
Once again Carter wasn't a big fan of this ride. It was dark and wet and he wasn't that happy with being wet. He whimpered after the big drop until we got off. I tried to take a picture of us but it didn't turn out to well. We were still on the ride and I am not very good at trying to hold the camera out and get us both in it.

We were all getting a little hungry so we decided we would head back to the hotel for dinner. Here are some photos of us leaving The Magic Kingdom.

We got back to the hotel around 8, then we ate dinner, took baths and went straight to sleep. Tomorrow was going to be an exciting day for Carter. He gets to see his favorite red race car.


Lindsey said...

The pictures of the castles look awesome! and you and carter look so much alike. Do you still talk to Jacquie? what is her email? i lost all my contacts when we switched internet.

sjt said...

Lightning McQueen!! Hey those lighting pictures are amazing! That was awesome! I'm glad Joe go to see the hall of presidents!
Can you believe the superbowl game?? So much for the perfect season. Poor Jimmy. I hope yall had fun at that party.