Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from Buzz Lightyear and Capt. Rex.

I carved out three pumpkins this year. My typical Air Force, Buzz Lightyear and a Darth Vador pumpkin. I will post pictures of them tomorrow, no time tonight.

I hope everyone had a great time trick or treating this evening.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Is there a difference?

I have been carving pumpkins all afternoon so I knew dinner would be fast. I asked the boys if they wanted to go to Burger King and they screamed with Joy. We get there and I ask them what they want and of course Carter wants chicken and french fries, Bryson on the other hand wanted a hamburger. Now he usually orders chicken tenders, he probably orders a hamburger about 2 or 3 times a year.

So, I ask him what he wants on it and he says mayo and ketchup. On our way home he asks "will they put the mayo and ketchup together or separate?' I tell him most likely it will be together but that if he doesn't like it we can wipe it off. We get home and he starts eating it and I ask him if it tastes good. He says "hold on mom I haven't gotten to it yet." I walk into the kitchen and he walks in after me and says "I just ate it and it isn't good, will you wipe it off?" I tell him yes and then this is what he says to me.

"Will you put mayo on the bottom bread, then put the meat on top and then put ketchup on top of the meat and put the top bread on."

Therefore I ask you does it taste different with ketchup and mayo separated by meat or together on top?

Isn't he just too funny!!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Two October Birthdays.

My niece Sarah turned 7 on October 16th. She had her birthday party today. I can't believe she is getting so old. I can remember the day she was born, so tiny and precious. She is still precious but not so tiny anymore.

Here she is with Bryson and Carter being Superheros. I hear she is also a huge Hannah Montana fan.

Happy Birthday Sarah, I hope you had a great birthday and party.

My grandmother Gigi, turned 84 today. How old do you have to be when saying your age is cool again. You start out telling everyone just how old you are and then you hit the 30's and 40's when no one dare speak your age and then all the sudden you pass that point where you are lucky to be alive so you tell anyone that will listen.

Boy am I lucky my Gigi is still alive!! She is a wonderful woman and I love her dearly. I have so many memories with her and am thankful for the many more to come.

I love you Gigi, Happy Birthday.

Friday, October 24, 2008

A day at the FAIR!!

On Wednesday we along with my friend Sarah and her two kids drove up to Raleigh for the state fair. It was huge, and very expensive.

The kids had a least I think so. We did a lot of free stuff, and then the kids rode three rides. I was only going to let them ride one because the tickets were so expensive but the ride attendant forgot to take all 15 of our tickets for the big roller coaster ride so that left more tickets for other rides. I think he was a little distracted to make sure Carter was tall enough for the ride. By the way the ride height was 42 inches so that means our dear Carter has grown 2 inches since Christmas.

This is a picture of the roller coaster we went on.

We had to take a picture of the spaceship. Carter says it's from Buzz Lightyear.

There was a BMX and a motocross show at the fair. Bryson and Carter thought it was awesome. Carter said that he could do the tricks they were doing. Bryson had to buy a poster and have them sign it. The boys then took a picture with the guys. Bryson was very protective over the poster, making sure it wasn't bent or ruined.

Sarah and I had the kids silhouettes done and they turned out great. I should have scanned it in for you but it was faster just to take a picture so sorry they didn't come out to clear.

Can you tell who is who?

The kids looked at cows, lambs, chickens, rabbits and I am sure there are a few other animals they saw. I would like to think they had a blast because I know that my debit card didn't!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Week 2 in review, there was not much to do.

We really didn't do a whole lot this week.

Monday: Bryson was off of school so I took the kids to Cracker Barrel for breakfast/lunch. It takes a good 30 minutes to get there so I figured that would take up a little bit of our day. Afterwards we came home and the boys rode there bikes.

Tuesday: We were suppose to have soccer pictures but our photographer was an hour late and I rescheduled.

Wednesday: My neighbor Terra had a Southern Living party at her home so that was the highlight of that day.

Thursday: The boys had soccer practice and then we went to the book fair at Bryson's school. They each got a book and then I picked one out for them. Afterwards we ate dinner there, they had hot dogs and Frito pie. After dinner the boys did a book walk and each won a book.

Friday: Yeah, Sarah came through again and fed us dinner. She made homemade pizza. A pepperoni one for the kids and the she made one with spinach leaves, tomatoes, and feta cheese. I was a little nervous about this pizza but ended up liking it more. Bryson called Joe once we got back home and told him it was the goodest pizza ever. Thanks Sarah for feeding us again. You are my life saver.

Saturday morning I woke up to a phone call at 7am from one of the mothers on our soccer team asking me if the game at 10 was going to be cancelled because of all the rain. I told her that once I woke up I would find out and call her back. I then went outside to get the soccer roster out of the car and realized that Bryson left his door to the car open the whole night while it rained.

The games were cancelled so we went to walmart. I had gone to walmart Friday morning and later that afternoon realized that I didn't have the milk that was in my cart. I found the receipt and saw that I had indeed bought it, I just didn't have it. I went to the car to make sure I hadn't left it in there and nope it wasn't there. I also realized I didn't have the juice I bought either. Thankfully walmart gave me another gallon of milk and another bottle of juice. I also took the boys to eat at Olive Garden. It was a special treat for Bryson cleaning his room. It was a chore I thought would never get done.

Once we got home Sarah came over and told us about an event that was being thrown for Spousal Abuse. We walked over there and had been there for a few minutes with Carter and Bryson start punching each other. I didn't think anything of it until Sarah pointed out that this was an event for abuse and here are Bryson and Carter beating each other up. I couldn't stop laughing.

And that leaves me with today. It's a cleaning day and I haven't started yet. Like I said this week was pretty boring. We are going to the fair next week and to Disney on Ice next Sunday so hopefully I will have more to write about.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Week 1 in review, a festival and a pumpkin patch.

We tried to stay really busy this week. I told you about taking pictures of my friend and her family and then on Sunday we went to the Heritage Festival. The kids had a blast. They got to go on a carriage ride,

and had a blast on the pony and horse.

They shuck corn

went on an egg hunt, made corn husk dolls

and ate hot dogs, chips, ice cream, and popcorn. We all had a blast.

The rest of the week was pretty typical. The friend that I took pictures of, Sarah, had me over for dinner one night and that was nice. She cooked stuffed chicken and acorn squash. I told her if I had a food blog I would have posted it. Her husband just left for a deployment on Friday. They are not sure if his will be 2 months or 4, but it's looking really good for the 2 month one.

I made boo bags for the neighborhood this week. It hadn't been started this year and since I started last year I thought I had better do it again. There are three streets that we involve, therefore I made 10 bags to pass out randomly. If you have never heard of being booed, here is the poem.

"The air is cool, the season fall
Soon Halloween will come to all;
The neighbors are after things to do
In fact, a neighbor brought this to you;
"Boo" is a sign of friendship power
Just hang it up and watch it double by hour;
On your front door is where it works
It wards off solicitors and scary jerks;
The treat that came with friendly note
Are yours to keep; enjoy them both;
The power comes when friends like you
Copy this and make it two;
Then others here among our friends
Will give warm fuzzies that will not end;
We'll all have smiles upon our face
No one will know who "boo'ed" whose place;
Just one short day to share your Boo
You must be quick so they don't know who;
And don't forget a nifty treat
Like something cute or something sweet;
Please join the fun, let's really hear it
And spread some "Boos" and neighborhood spirit!

Carter helped me pick out some fall decorations from walmart. He was so proud of what he picked out, the scarecrow, flowers and of course the pumpkins, because six just isn't enough. He thinks that every time we go to walmart he needs to pick out another one.

Yesterday was a very busy day. Both boys had a soccer game at the same time. I was hoping the other soccer coach of Bryson's team would be there so that I could at least watch part of Carter's game but she was not. There for poor Carter was on his own. Isn't that sad my poor three year old little boy was at his game all by himself. Hopefully next week, I can be there with him.

After the game we headed up to the pumpkin patch. The boys had so much fun. We went through the corn maze, hayride and they played on the really cool playground. Let me tell you that pumpkin patch cost me a small fortune. 43 dollars for the three of us and that didn't even include a pumpkin. It was a lot of fun and we stayed up there for about three hours.

Once we got back home and rested for a couple of hours we had a promotion dinner to attend. It was just down the street and they cooked some great food. We stayed until 6 and I had the kids bathed and in bed by 6:30. It was a long day and I was so tired.

Today is Sunday and it's a cleaning day. I did get a babysitter for 2 hours and I went to watch Mamma Mia, it was playing at the base theater. A two dollar movie cost me 20 bucks but well worth it.

Bryson is off of school tomorrow and I know it's going to be a long day. Wish me luck.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

and he is gone....

No pictures to share but he got off alright. He said that when he was buying his lunch at the Atlanta airport an older gentleman asked if he could pay for his lunch and Joe said he had already paid so the man handed him a 10 and told him thanks for everything he does. Joe had to fly in his uniform so I think that's why he was given so much attention.

When we got back home the boys played outside for awhile and then my friend Sarah asked me to take some photos of her and her family by the lake. So, I packed the kids in the car and took them to the shoppette to pick out a drink and some candy. I then put a movie on in the car and they were set for quite awhile, then they played at the park while I finished up the photo shoot.

The photos didn't turn out as great as I would have liked, but for my first photo shoot outside of my family I think they turned out great. I have already thought of a few new poses for next time.

Tonight starts the hard part. Joe usually gave the kids their baths, put their pjs on, and read them their books. It was usually a whole hour that was just their time, and my relaxing time.

Nights are what I will miss most.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Bryson's actual Birthday Pictures.

I thought about letting Bryson skip school the day of his birthday but then I remembered how much fun it was to go to school on my birthday because all day everyone says HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you.

I made Bryson chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing and sprinkles to take to his class. His birthday fell on a Wednesday which so happens to be an early release day so he was home by 2. He played with his friends until daddy got home and then we went to the peanut restaurant(Texas Roadhouse) for dinner. Bryson loves that place and even chose to eat their last year. The staff brought out a chocolate brownie with a scoop of ice cream that Bryson shared with us. He is so sweet.
After dinner we went to Walmart to pick out his bike. When we got home he was dying to ride it so we let him because even though it was late it was his birthday and you get to do whatever you want on your birthday and you don't even get in trouble. I know I will probably get in TROUBLE later in life for this one but I do not get mad or yell at them on their special day.

The boys came inside and took their baths and then Bryson blew out a few candles on some cupcakes.
Bryson said he had a wonderful day and a wonderful Pirate Party. I wonder where he will want to eat next year *grin*