Thursday, January 10, 2008

Our Christmas Journey Day 3 Part 2

Who says you can't drive a car when you are 2 and 5. Over in Tomorrowland there is the Indy Speedway and anything is possible.
We have one great driver and one very terrible one. Bryson did a great job driving with his daddy.Carter on the other hand was not so good. He thought it was so funny when the car was going back and forth and crashing into the railing.

After my life flashed before my very eyes, I decided not to let Carter drive any more that day. My life would flash once more before our Journey was over, that's right I actually let him drive again another day. Anyway after our dangerous drive we decided to go on a mission to conquer the evil Emperor Zurg(from Toy Story).
I tried to get a good photo but Joe was to busy racking up the points. This ride has targets to shoot for points. Boy do the Hudsons love friendly competition.

Carter took turns hanging out with mom and dad in the arcade. This is how Bryson rode Space Mountain 4 times this day.
He rode twice with me and twice with Joe. Carter didn't seem to mind as long as he could hangout in the arcade and eat lots of buttery popcorn from Disney World. Carter say its the best popcorn ever.

We rode the Tram, Train, It's a Small World, Thunder Mountain Railroad, Snow White's Scary Ride and many others we also made it to a few shows.

Here are a few pictures of the Christmas Decorations!

We ate dinner at the Concourse Steakhouse inside the Contemporary Resort. They had great chocolate cake. Joe and I had the 10-oz Prime Rib served with mashed potatoes. Joe had the Crispy Onion Rings served with dips. for an appetizer. My appetizer was the Honey-Sesame Chicken Wings. They were really good. Carter loved them all dipped in ranch. The boys also shared a pizza, ice cream, and grapes. Joe and I finished off our meals with a Triple Chocolate Cake.

After dinner we headed back to the hotel. We were going into the wild tomorrow.

Coming up: What do Joe and I work on to make Carter over 40 inches? Who was thrown out of the Nemo show? Is the Yeti ride going to be scary for Bryson?


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Cute Dawn. Yalls dinner sounded awesome!! Makes me hungry and I just ate!

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