Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Greasy Grimy Pumpkin Guts

We had a lot of fun carving pumpkins this year. The kids were not afraid to get their hands in pumpkin guts. Bryson cleaned his pumpkin and then i carved a spider on it. Carter cleaned a little bit of his pumpkin and then the rest of the night he kept trying to cut his own pumpkin. Every time i turned around he had a pumpkin knife to the pumpkin or he was headed in that direction. Can you guess what he wanted carved on his pumpkin? If you have read any of my previous posts i am sure you can but i will give you a hint....he is red, fast and says Kachow. That's right Lightning McQueen. That was a tough one to carve as i had no pattern to go by. I also tried a new technique which is called pilling or shaving and i need to work on that. The third pumpkin i did was a pirate ship and Joe and Bryson really liked it. The last was the Air Force pumpkin. Last year was the first year i did that and it probably will be a Halloween tradition. Here are a few pics. Click on them to make the pictures larger. HAPPY HALLOWEEN

Ouch....Carter does that hurt?

Carter took a spill yesterday. Joe had just taught Carter that morning how to put his hands in his pocket to keep them warm. Who would have known that this one little lesson would have a bad out come. Carter and I had just gone to Starbucks and picked up a coffee for Joe. We were walking to his office I holding the coffee and Carter with his hands warmly in his jacket, when the disaster happened. Carter tripped on his own shoe and fell flat on his face. We were on the side walk and i saw it happen. His hands were not free to brace the fall and his face hit the concrete hard. I feel bad for the little guy because when his face made contact his little feet even flew up in the air. It looks worse today because his skin that was scrapped off is now starting to scab over so it's a lot darker. Here is a picture of him shortly afterwards. You can click on it to make it larger.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Vincent Van Gogh vs Carter Hudson

We have all seen Vincent Van Goughs Starry Night well Carter made a masterpiece of his own yesterday. It looked a lot like Starry Night, you see he mastered the swirls. He colored on my dishwasher the kitchen floor and his arm with a permanent marker. I have been able to remove the marker from the floor, i thought this would be the hardest but it was by far the easiest. I also know that with time his new tattoos on his arm will fade. The problem i am having is with the masterpiece on the dishwasher. I have tried a few things and i can't get it off, it too has faded some but still very visible. If you have any suggestions please send them my way. I will leave you with a few pictures. You can click on the pictures to make them larger.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

We have a dead dead bird

Yesterday was a sad day in the Hudson house. Bryson's bird landed in the belly of the cat. I did not receive a call home but it was very close. I know what you are thinking what could he have possibly done for his bird to be eaten. Well, it's what we knew all along. Ladies and Gentlemen we have a talker. He just would not shut his mouth yesterday. I have even had a hard time with this at home. From the time his little eyes open in the morning until he goes to sleep that boy is always talking. We will even catch him talking in his sleep some nights.

I asked the teacher if she had any suggestions and she said that he could sit at a desk right next to hers. Right now they have group tables. He sits with a group of four or five other students, so sitting at a desk all by himself with the teacher would be a big thing. I told her to let me try and talk to him and we would go from there. When Joe got home from work last night we talked to him about his talking and that if he couldn't stop he would have to sit with the teacher. He didn't like the thought of that at all. I am not sure how he did yet today, i can only hope for the best.

Monday, October 22, 2007

The luck we have had

Let me start off by saying its not good luck. We have a bit of bad luck with our vehicles. We took the Tahoe to have the tires rotated and get our North Carolina inspection sticker. They told us that having the tires rotated wouldn't be good that we needed two new front tires and the alignment fixed. They went ahead and changed the oil and did the inspection. I came back to pick up the car and they told me that the Tahoe had failed the inspection because our middle brake light is out. Can you believe that 30 dollars for them to tell me that we failed because of a brake light.

Once i got home i started calling around asking for prices for two new tires. I found a place and the following Monday Joe took the car in. He was the first one there that morning and it still took four hours to get done. Thank goodness he was off work for labor day. Later that afternoon he decided he wanted to get us Starbucks so off he went. He came back home with a bolt in the tire, and it was a big one.

The next day he went and took the car back to the tire place and it took another four hours for them to fix the tire. The tire ended up having to be replaced it couldn't be patched. Thank goodness i paid the extra 20 dollars for tire insurance. It covered having the tire replaced.

This brings us to the Rodeo.....which is now not working. Joe thought that the engine blew but we had our friend across the street Mike look at it and he thinks it might be something else. So, now we are back to the one vehicle again!!!

Friday, October 19, 2007


We are a military family living on a military base with military neighbors. Everything in our lives is military. Reveille plays at 6 in the morning followed by retreat at 5 and then taps at 9 at night. This plays on the speakers so that all of the military housing can hear. You really don't hear it inside your home unless you turn down the tv promptly at the times it plays and really listen for it, but if you are lucky enough to be outside when it plays the sound is loud and clear. At 5 in the afternoon when the national anthem plays you are to stop, place your hand over your heart and pay your respects. You do this in honor of everything the military stands for, for those that have fought for us and those that still are.

Today we were lucky to be invited to welcome home our neighbors. Carson and Terra's husbands arrived today from a four month deployment. We went out to Green Ramp to welcome them in. I took a few pics that i would like to share with you.

Once again, if the picture is to small you can click on it to make it larger.
Mike and his kids are on the right, and Carson and Derek are below.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

My Favorite Time of Year

I love fall!!! The cool crisp breeze, the sound the leaves make as they are blown down the street, and the smell of smoke after the first chimney is lit. When October comes it brings fall festivals, pumpkin patches, and Oktoberfest. I don't remember going to these as a child but i love them now. We visited a pumpkin patch yesterday the name of it is West Produce. It is a small mom and pop type of farm. I found out about it through some other moms at Bryson's school.

Come to find out it is a family farm of one of our teachers. Their big fall festival was yesterday so we made our way down there. We all had a great time. They had a band, a petting farm, booths set up for food, face painting, a fire truck and a hay ride. Here are a few pictures of the day. You can click the pictures to make them bigger. We are planing on going to another pumpkin patch next weekend that has a few other things like a corn maze. We will try hard not to lose the boys. (wink)

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

October 6th and 7th Air Show

I want to start off by saying that if you click on the photo it makes it bigger.

This past weekend was the last air show for Pope Air Force base. Pope may have others but it will be known as Pope Army Air Field. Being that it was the last show they really went all out. I would list the names of the planes but some of you might not know what these planes looked like so i added the website to the air show if you would like to check it out. Here are a few pictures that i took that day.

The boys standing in front of an A-10

Bryson inside a C-130

This is a C-5

Carter inside the cockpit of a T-1

The wing walker

The Russian Jet

The Thunderbirds

The Thunderbirds upside down

All 6 Thunderbirds

This was the closest shot i had both days. Saturday is the day we actually went down to the airfield and watched the show. On Sunday we would come outside when we heard the big jets. They were the F-18s the F-15s and the the F-16 Thunderbirds. This picture was taken outside our house and they flew by so fast that i almost didn't get the shot.
I didn't realize how many pictures i had added but i hope you have enjoyed them.