About Us

Bryson is 7 and the oldest of the boys. He is in the first grade and is reading at a second/third grade level. He picks up on things fast and he doesn't even realize just how smart he truly is. Bryson is very sesitive and likes to please others. He is very active and it doesn't matter what time he goes to bed he is always the first to rise. He has an arm like you wouldn't believe. His first word was ball and he has been throwing one ever since. He helps out so much with Carter and Chase and he is the perfect big brother.

Carter will be 5 on May 5, 2010. He is our 5-5-05 baby and it never gets old saying. Carter lives to make you laugh. He is funny and there hasn't been a day yet in his short life that he hasn't made us laugh. He is good with numbers and has been ever since he was 2. He also has a fantastic memory and can remember things that a four year old shouldn't be able to remember. It amazing. He has a soft heart and a great personality. 

Chase is the baby of the family and turns 1 one April 20, 2010. He is a pistol and a joy to be around. He has been walking for a few months now and is into everything. His personality is really starting to show and he brings such happiness to our home.