Sunday, January 27, 2008

Our Christmas Journey Day 5 Part 2

December 25th Day 5 Part 2

When I last left off we were riding the monorail on our way to Chef Mickeys. We arrived at Chef Mickey's 30 minutes prior to our reservations. Bryson and I walked over to the gift shop and when we returned we were being seated.
We sat down and I picked up some food for the boys from the buffet. Shortly afterwards we spotted our first visit Mrs. Minnie Mouse came by to see us.

Can you spot Carter? You might have to click on the picture to make it larger.

Check out Joe, he looks pretty happy to be sitting by his pretty little lady.

Next up was none other than the most famous Mouse himself. That's right Mickey!! Have you noticed Carter's trend in some of his character pictures? He likes to look at them right as I am taking the picture. I already showed you the picture of him with Donald Duck and here he is with Mickey.

And then once more with Pluto!!

Here are Goofy and Donald.

As we were finishing up eating we saw Minnie round the corner again so I took a few more pictures and then we left.
Off to the Magic Kingdom. I am going to back up just a step and tell you about us getting on the monorail at Epcot. We drove our car to Epcot that morning and then when it was time to leave we took the monorail to Chef Mickey's. The monorail connects from Epcot to Magic Kingdom and a few hotels. When we were leaving Epcot the monorail station was blocked off. There were a few guards standing there so I asked why it was blocked and how we were to get to Chef Mickeys in the Contemporary Hotel and Magic Kingdom. The guard asked if we were hotel guests and I said yes. He asked to see our hotel keys then said we could go on. I was curious and asked why. He said that the Magic Kingdom was closed to others that it had filled to maximum capacity. I had heard that this could happen and that Disney World's busiest time was at Christmas and they were right. We left Epcot at 11:30am and Magic Kingdom was already filled to their capacity of 100,000 guests.

Our first ride we went on was Thunder Mountain Railroad height requirement 40 inches. We switched Carter's shoes and were on our way. Carter liked this ride better than Fast Track. After Thunder Mountain I went and grabbed us a great seat for the parade that was in an hour and Joe took the boys to ride Buzz Lightyear, this is the ride that we rode a few days earlier. When the boys got back I took a picture of Joe and Bryson doing Carter's smile.

I took a few pictures of Carter being silly waiting for the parade to start.

I will leave with another castle picture. This was taken right before the parade started.

Next up: Parade pictures, and we finally use our ponchos.


sjt said...

Dawn! I'm laughing so hard at Carters' photos! Every single time he is looking at the characters with that smirk! It's hilarious! Bryson looks adorable as well. Not a dull moment with the Hudson's!
Hope yall had a good wknd.

sjt said...

*update, needed* that is all