Thursday, January 24, 2008

My own moment of truth...

Tonight I was watching that new show "A Moment of Truth" when all of the sudden Joe pops his head in from the kitchen and says "I have a question for you?" I quickly reply "Umm before I answer how much am I going to win?" Joe I'm sure rolls his eyes, though I can't see because it's dark but he says...

Joe: Why did Carter come up to me and say "Girls have a gina and you have a wiener?"
(we pronounce it vagina just without the va sound)

Me: (Giggling) Because he asked me if I had a wiener and I told him no that girls have ginas and boys have wieners.
Joe: He's only two.
Me: I taught Bryson that when he was two.
Joe: Are you sure? I thought all he knew was wiener at that age.
Me: No Hun...

I think he is losing his memory faster than I am. Anyways Carter does sound like that little boy from the movie "Kindergarten Cop" Boys a penis, girls have a vagina!


sjt said...

They learn quick. You didn't know till you were 7. ;)

Lindsey said...

LOL! Emma came to me one morning after she got out of the shower with Steven and said dad has a really big tail:) I have no idea where she came up with that one. Right now we just call them our private areas. I couldn't stop laughing! The things they come up with.

Is sjt your sister?...If so, hello:)