Monday, December 31, 2007

Our Christmas Journey Day 4 Part 1

When we had gotten back from Magic Kingdom the night before Joe and I really thought about what we could do to make Carter taller. He didn't need much just a bit to hit the board. I wish I had taken a picture of him against the height chart but I didn't. When I was packing for our trip I had brought along two pair of shoes for everyone. You never know when you are going to need another pair so we thought about Bryson's second pair. What if we took Bryson's spare and put the insoles of Carters spare in them. Would that make him tall enough? I don't know but let’s try....

Day 4 Part 1 December 24th:

Today was the only day that the boys had the chance to pay on the field in between our building. I was finishing up getting ready, once again I am a girl and it takes me more than five minutes to get ready. The boys were running around crazy in the hotel room and I told Joe to take them out and let them run around. While we were in Downtown Disney the first day we bought the boys a couple of Disney World footballs. Not like they needed anymore but they had the year 2007 on them and what can I say I love mementos.

Joe took these pictures and I do have to say he did a good job getting a bit of variety. Good Job Babe!

Into the wild we go. We are off to the Animal Kingdom. I had heard a lot of good things about the Animal Kingdom so we were all looking really to this day. We arrived to the Kingdom about 9am and headed right for Asia. We decided that we would ride the big ride Expedition Everest. We knew Carter wouldn't be able to ride this ride because the height requirement wad 44inches. When we got their Joe pointed out that I went on the first ride Splash Mountain yesterday and that it was his turn today. I think to myself "dang it I really wanted to go first". Oh well, I get to go second and that is pretty good. While Joe and Bryson are riding this ride I sneak Carter over to Dinoland and let him ride a quick ride.We rode this ride twice and then headed back to Asia. It was now my turn to ride EE! Bryson came off so excited and he loved it. Joe also said that it was a lot of fun and way better than the Yeti ride in Disneyland. I took a quick picture of the boys in front of the ride coming down and then Bryson and I were off to ride it. This is at the top of the ride, just before it goes backwards.
I don't know what made me look for it but I started to feel around my pockets for my phone. Oh no, where is it? Joe do you have it? I frantically search for it in the stroller. No, not there either. I go to the photo booth and she says that the car I was in will have to go around again. What? The car I was in, is going to do the whole ride again and then I can hope my phone is still in there? Yes she says. I tell Joe I am sorry but that we will be buying another phone when we get back. After what felt like an eternity the lady comes back holding my phone. "You found it" I say. Even the boys are excited!!From then on my phone and I never parted.

After EE we walked over to the Tree of Life. This tree is huge. It is 14 stories high and has over 325 animals craved into it. Amazing to look at. The show "Its a Bugs Life 3-D" was at the base of the tree and the line wrapped around the tree. We liked spotting out the animals.

The boys liked the show and Carter was trying to catch the butterfly.

Coming up: Is Carter tall enough? Do we get in trouble? Who do the boys get to meet at Animal Kingdom?

Sunday, December 30, 2007

It's coming I promise!

The trip report with all the pictures is coming. I think there are a few people out there getting a little excited huh?? I already have Days 1, 2 and 3 written out. I will post them on the first. I would like to keep all the days together and December is almost over so I will post them all in January. Here is just a preview of what is to come. The boys in front of one of the many Christmas trees throughout Disney. This one was at Animal Kingdom, and taken as we were leaving the park.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

I missed my bed!

We made it back home safe. Are you ready for some pictures? Do you want a trip report? I will try and get them up as soon as possible. Till then Happy Holidays! Oh and I ordered our Christmas cards today and when they get here I will mail them out.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Carter's Christmas Party

Carter had a Christmas party the other day with all his little friends. They painted ornaments ate pizza and exchanged gifts. He and his friends had a great time. Here are some photos.
Carter painting his ornament.

Having a great time!

Carter and his friends Lincoln and Kate in the background.

I think he likes what Kate bought him!

Carter and Kate

Click on any of the photos to make them larger.

Christmas came early!!

Christmas has come and gone in the Hudson household. The kids opened all their presents last night. They had so much fun and love all their gifts.

They would each have one present in front of them and then they would say "ready set go" and open it. They did that over and over until all the presents were opened.

Bryson got lots of Transformers and Carter of course got lots of Car items. We thought opening up the presents now would give the kids and opportunity to play and enjoy their toys before we leave for our trip. Then when we get back it will be like Christmas all over again. Joseph and I really didn't want to drag all their presents to the hotel because they wouldn't have much time to play with them anyway. Plus the hassle of taking everything down there and bringing it back. I think we made a great choice because today is Bryson's first day of Christmas break and he and Carter have been busy playing all day. I have had a chance to pack some and even blog to you guys. I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!

Here are some photos of the boys, click on the pics to make them larger. Happy Holidays!

Right before the fun began!

Carter and his Mack/Lightning McQueen present

Bryson and one of his many Transformer prsents.

Carter so excited getting a Disney Cars car.

Bryson and another Transformer!

Joe and the boys.

Being Silly

The boys and I, and you can see my hair cut.

Monday, December 17, 2007

What's your emergency?

This morning while waking up I could hear the boys playing in their rooms. I also hear the front door shut and realize that Joe has just left for work. While laying in bed thinking that I would love to have more sleep I hear Bryson in the background.

Bryson: Carter lets go get mommy.
Carter: YEAH
Bryson: Come on
The door to my room opens and the boys come in.
Bryson: Hey mom get up.
Mom: (I am being really still and not making any noises)
Carter: Mommy
Mom: (still being really still)
Bryson: Hurry Carter we better go call 911!!!!
Mom: Noooo...I am up, I am wake, I must have been sleeping!!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Military kid VS Civillian kid

While shopping for shoes yesterday Bryson said something that the normal everyday kid probably doesn't say.

Mom: Bryson lets try these shoes on.
Bryson: Okay, I like those shoes.
Mom: Alright now walk up that isle and walk back.
Bryson: Okay
Mom: Now run up the isle and run back.
Bryson: This is fun!
Mom: Now come over here and stand up straight.
Bryson: Like a Solider!

I thought it was cute.

Gone are the days....

I took Bryson shoe shopping yesterday to get a new pair of Nike's. He had specific requirements. They had to be black and they had to be red. First pair I saw where so cute. They were white with orange stitching and an orange Nike swoosh...Perfect!

Mom: Bryson what do you think of these?
Bryson: Mom!!!
Mom: Come on they are really cool.
Bryson: No, they are not red.
Mom: Alright lets go to another store.

So, off we go to the second store. After a few glances and checking out some shoes he spots these red and black shoes. They are New Balance, nothing against them but the black was like a shinny material. Daddy would have never approved nor I. So I told Bryson they didn't have his size and he was alright with that answer.

On to the third store.
Mom: Bryson come check out these shoxs. Aren't they cool they look like mine.
Bryson: Yeah they are alright, but I don't think they have my size.
Now he is telling me they don't have his size.

Okay off we go. We walk into the fourth shoe store look around and there is nothing there either and off we go to the fifth store.

We walk into Sears and head straight to the shoe part.
Bryson: Wow mom they have these great Transformer shoes.
Mom: Yeah those are cool, but they DEFINITELY don't have your size.
Bryson: Look they have Car(Lightning McQueen) shoes also, don't you think Carter would like those?
Mom: Let me see if they have his size..NOPE they don't have his size either.
Thank goodness he doesn't know his or Carter's shoe size yet. After looking around I spot a pair. Black, red, and pretty cool looking.....OH, but wait they are not Nike's they are Adidas!! After a quick glance around the store once more I think to myself "They really aren't that bad looking, they are kinda cute, this is our FIFTH store. Alright lets try them on."

They really do look good on his feet, and he did need a new good pair of shoes for all the walking we are going to be doing at Disney World so I buy them. The first pair of tennis shoes that are not Nike's.

I would have been happy with the white and orange ones.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Bare with me....I have a lot of planning to do!!

Next year I want to put my outdoor Christmas lights to music. I have looked into it a bit and I must say that it will be physically, emotionally, technology and most importantly costly!!! So, we will see how many songs I am able to have or will it just be Twinkle Twinkle little star...

Here is my house so far. I had to keep retaking pictures as I always found another spot to put some more lights. That might be the reason for blowing so many fuses. I do have 13 strands of light on one outlet. I know, I know go ahead and cringe. I also am surprised the house has not caught on fire either.

Next year we would like to get the big C9 lights. We love the big blue ones, but this year we just have the small white and blue.

If you have any suggestions, pointers, or anything in general to say.....lets here it!! You can click on the picture to get a better view of all the lights.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

My Pretty Tree!!

Last year when we moved into our house we had a bare tree, and I was so sad that I had missed the leaves turning. This year as fall approached I was so excited knowing that the leaves on my tree would be turning beautiful colors. I am amazed at just how lovely the colors turned out.

What do you think?

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Happy Birthday Big Daddy

Poor Joe had to work today, he couldn't get off. I think everyone else knows what I have known all along is that the work he does is very valuable. Why give someone the day off when they work so hard?

We tried to make it up to him when he got home. He was able to open all his presents and cards and the kids and I made him a cake. We plan on going out to eat this weekend.

The boys and I made a great cake. It was double chocolate cake with classic chocolate icing. It was so moist. Joe says the best cake he has ever had, though I know his mom can make some great ones and I think he was just really hungry.

The boys and I can't wait to throw some big lavish party next year!!!

Happy Birthday Babe. I love you!!!

Time flies when you are having fun!!!

Yesterday December 5th marks one year that North Carolina has been our home. We have had a lot of fun here so far and are excited for what the future holds.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

So, maybe we haven't been so good after all!!!

I have a funny story to share with you courteous of Bryson.

At Bryson's school they have this company that comes in for Christmas with trinkets to be purchased. The kids go to this class room with all the items displayed for purchase. The first time the kids visit the "Santa Store" they are there to browse and to write down a list of items they would like to buy. Did I mention they are there to buy items for people in their family?

So, they have browsed the goods written down what they would like to buy for each family member and then the list is sent home to the parents. If we would like for them to participate we are to put money back in the envelope with any comments and sent it back with the students.

Yesterday just before I went to put cash in the envelope I asked Bryson...."Bryson do you really want to buy Mommy, Daddy and Carter the presents that you picked out?" Bryson with a big smile on his face says "Yes Mommy, I would really like to buy those!" I thought for a brief second and replied "Well, I think since you have been saving your money maybe you should take some of it and buy our presents with your own money. This way you actually bought them for us with your own money." The conversation could have ended there for I knew the answer to what I was about to ask next from the look on his face. He had that look of....are you kidding me? I went ahead and asked him "Now are you sure you want to buy us Christmas presents?" Bryson answered without any hesitation, a blink or even a second thought "Nope, I want to save my money for Disney World!"

Maybe I am not talking to a brick wall after all, maybe what I say to them doesn't go in one hear and out the other, just maybe my kids are actually hearing what I am saying to them.

I am very proud of him for wanting to save his money because I looked at what I would have been receiving and I think I could have done without the beautiful bell.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

All I want for Christmas is......

I thought I would share with you Bryson's Christmas list. He wanted to write out his letter and send it to Santa, so before I mailed it I wanted to share with you.

It says:

Dear Santa I want
1. Optimus Prime
2. Trampoline
3. StarScream
Bryson Hudson

Sunday, December 2, 2007

I got my hair cut.....

and it's short! Well, not that short but I did have 10 inches cut off. I will post pictures once i have done my hair.

Have a great day!