Sunday, August 3, 2008

Tax-Free Weekend

We bought all Bryson's school supplies....and

A new pair of school shoes, do you all remember the last time we had to find Bryson school shoes? If you can't you can read about it HERE,it was quite the chore. This time around it was very pleasant. We went to Dick's Sporting Goods and he picked out a pair of shoes. He kept asking if I liked them and I had to keep telling him that it was his decision. He finally decided on a pair and we told the man, the man came back out and said he didn't have the pair Bryson picked out but he did have this other pair. We opened the box and Bryson said he wanted them. Thank Goodness. The teal color on the N is actually the reflectors and they're navy blue. The other pair where just blue and white and I like that this pair actually has a bit of yellow with it. Can you believe he is actually wearing a size 1 in shoes now?

And two new phones. I got the really cool green one. I know my friend Stacey will approve and Joe got the black one. They are the same just different colors.

Call us so we can add you to our phone book.


johnandvic said...

do you still have the same number?

Shannon said...

Very nice new phones!! Ryan and I too were part of the tax free madness! Ryan bought me a tshirt, got some work supplies. And I bought a new purse/bag and a notebook. Ryan looked at shoes but couldn't find a pair he really liked. I know why... cause he was in the Nike section.