Wednesday, August 6, 2008

More Charleston Pictures

We walked into downtown Folly from the house. It was about a block over.
There was a light house on Folly beach as well.

Bryson and Kathy built a sand castle.

The waves were coming in and Bryson wanted to protect it.

He was thankful that I took pictures of his castle. He was so proud of it.


johnandvic said...

love all the pics.. I think my fav is the boys with the light house in the back ground in black and white.. If I was you I would get it blown up and have it framed..NICE!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow!! Some castle they made! I copied 2 photos. One in black & white the boys facing the lighthouse and the other the boys (in color) with their shades on with their back towards the lighthouse. Great photos!!


Stacey said...

Photos turned about beautifully!!! I agree - LOVE the one in black and white with the boys facing the lighthouse! Glad you had fun!

Susannah said...

I concur with Vicky, the lighthouse pic with the boys look at it is awesome. Can I hire you to take some pics of my kids? you could go pro.