Sunday, August 24, 2008

When did finding a parking spot become more important then watching where you are driving?

The boys and I were almost ran over in the Walmart parking lot the other day. We had just parked our car and got out and were walking toward the store but had to turn back to the car because we forgot our water jugs to refill. We walked back to the car to get them. I was carrying one and Carter was carrying the other. Bryson was busy unlocking and locking the car back up. We turned around and headed back for Walmart. We start to walk across the road that goes right in front of the store, you know the one that has the big cross walk painted right in front of the doors?

Bryson was walking beside me to my right and Carter was a half a step behind me on my left. I turn over my left shoulder to make sure Carter was keeping up when I see the van coming right for us. I look right at the driver and he and his wife are scanning the parking lot while driving forward. I had enough time to tell Bryson to run while I grabbed Carter's arm and slung shot him forward. I stepped out of the way and turn towards the van, just then he turns his head at me and his jaw drops. Probably for two reasons: 1. I obviously scared the shit out of him, and 2. I was yelling at him to watch where he was going.

He continued on and found that great spot in the front row. I just hope I scared him enough to watch where he is going next time.

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Anonymous said...

That's terrible!! I like your new layout. I'm at work and so exhausted!!!!!! We had fun though. 10hrs to get there, 8hrs at six flags, 4hrs at the ball game & 10hrs to get home. Was it worth it? We're not too sure yet, to tired to figure that out, but it was an adventure let me tell you!

Talk to you soon.