Thursday, August 28, 2008

Happy Nie Nie Day!

Last week Christian and Stephanie Nielson were in a very serious plane crash. They are a young couple with four children under the age of six. They are in critical condition. Stephanie has third degree burns covering 80% of her body and Christian has third degree burns over 30% of his body. The recovery will be very long and very expensive.

Loads of bloggers are auctioning REALLY GREAT things off today to help raise money- it's cool, like ebay-blogging live in the comment section! There are all sorts of great things available... check out all the auctions here at Design Mom, need invitations? a vacation? a custom painting? custom blog banner? kid/baby stuff? photography sessions? chocolate!? a really cool stroller?

If ever there was a reason to spend money... this is a good cause.

If you can't help financially, I know they need prayers. Prayer is free and more powerful than anything money can buy!

Tomorrow I will post on how Bryson's dresser almost killed Carter.

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bethany said...

Thanks so much for bidding on my auction for Nie Nie Day-I have been so impressed by everyone's generosity. I wanted to let you know that I have also listed a smaller version of the quilt in the shop with some of the proceeds going to the Stephanie and Christian Recovery Fund. Thanks so much for your interest and willingness to contribute to this family!!