Sunday, December 16, 2007

Gone are the days....

I took Bryson shoe shopping yesterday to get a new pair of Nike's. He had specific requirements. They had to be black and they had to be red. First pair I saw where so cute. They were white with orange stitching and an orange Nike swoosh...Perfect!

Mom: Bryson what do you think of these?
Bryson: Mom!!!
Mom: Come on they are really cool.
Bryson: No, they are not red.
Mom: Alright lets go to another store.

So, off we go to the second store. After a few glances and checking out some shoes he spots these red and black shoes. They are New Balance, nothing against them but the black was like a shinny material. Daddy would have never approved nor I. So I told Bryson they didn't have his size and he was alright with that answer.

On to the third store.
Mom: Bryson come check out these shoxs. Aren't they cool they look like mine.
Bryson: Yeah they are alright, but I don't think they have my size.
Now he is telling me they don't have his size.

Okay off we go. We walk into the fourth shoe store look around and there is nothing there either and off we go to the fifth store.

We walk into Sears and head straight to the shoe part.
Bryson: Wow mom they have these great Transformer shoes.
Mom: Yeah those are cool, but they DEFINITELY don't have your size.
Bryson: Look they have Car(Lightning McQueen) shoes also, don't you think Carter would like those?
Mom: Let me see if they have his size..NOPE they don't have his size either.
Thank goodness he doesn't know his or Carter's shoe size yet. After looking around I spot a pair. Black, red, and pretty cool looking.....OH, but wait they are not Nike's they are Adidas!! After a quick glance around the store once more I think to myself "They really aren't that bad looking, they are kinda cute, this is our FIFTH store. Alright lets try them on."

They really do look good on his feet, and he did need a new good pair of shoes for all the walking we are going to be doing at Disney World so I buy them. The first pair of tennis shoes that are not Nike's.

I would have been happy with the white and orange ones.


sjt said...

YEAH!!!!!! You did it!! ADIDAS shoes!!!! Great job Dawn! I know how much you loved supporting Adidas!
Bryson has great taste- you can tell at such a young age already. It makes me smile

Stacey said...

Way to come around! I knew it would take a while...but I knew you'd convert. Excellent choice Bryson!!