Friday, August 8, 2008

Another family visits and neighbors moving in!

The Jenkins, Staci, Kirk, Kate and Luke came to see us; we haven't seen them since June. Carter has been going through serious Kate withdraws. Actually they were driving from Charleston back up to D.C. and we were the lucky ones they chose to stay with. We had a few families come over last night for dinner so that everyone could visit the Jenkins family. Boy are they a popular crew. I swear everyone was lining up to see them pull into the driveway.

We all had a great Mexican dinner. There were awesome nachos with meat, beans, tomatoes, cilantro, cheese and sour cream. We also had chicken enchiladas and Mexican rice and for dessert we had freshly baked cookies and ice cream. It was awesome.

Sarah and Tim

Jess, Zoey, Isaac, Luke Kate and Staci

This was the morning they left.

Julie is the little girl in pink and Audric is the little boy with pretty blue eyes.

This is how they were the whole night. Kirk, Kate's dad calls them the old married couple.

One last squeeze!

Till next time.....

Last night my love/hate relationship with Blinky grew. I woke up around 2:30 and heard him in our room. I jumped out of bed and told Joe I saw Blinky. He asked if I was sure and I said I was pretty sure. He came out into the living room and sure enough the delux apartment in the sky was empty. I continued to look for Blinky but with all the lights on he darted back under the bed behind a laundry basket and then behind our long dresser. We were moving furniture all the while trying to be quite because the Jenkins were sleeping in the next room. I finally captured him and brought him back to his apartment and back to bed we go. We toss and turn until 4am when Joe finally gets up and says since I can't sleep I might as well go off to work and that is exactly what he did. Thanks Blinky!

This morning I told the kids about Blinky and they ran into the living room to see him. Well, Blinky wasn't there. That's right he had escaped again. I guess in my tired 2:30 stupor I didn't check all the compartment doors and he was gone. I told the boys that we would probably have to wait until tonight to find him because he sleeps during the day.

Fast Forward a few hours...the boys were in Carter's room watching TV when they yell to me that they think they hear Blinky. I go in there and pull the T.V. dresser back and sure enough there he is. He was very prepared for this journey as there was a stash of his food that he must have brought along. He had also found a dollar bill that he was trying to make a bed out of.

Fast Forward a few more hours...check out our new neighbors I found today. Tonight they sleep in peace but tomorrow its war!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Dawn! Gosh that nest is huge! Sooo dangerous! I'm glad Carter & Kate hung out!! Too bad they can't grow up together seeing eachother every day! Maybe we're seeing the next big love story of their generation. The love story of this generation is me and Ryan :) lol. Cheezy...

Love ya,

Anonymous said...

Did u get those wasps? I keep dreaming about Coach Burns! I dreamt about him last night again. This time my college dorm room was broke into and Coach was getting off the night shift (he was security) and I told him what was outside my door. He signed off work and told me to get him if something didn't feel right. Well I walked back to my dorm and besides stuff being outside my door there were these two grown men with a little boy. One man was wearing a black trench coat. Coach said he shouldn't be wearing that its illegal. So when I got back to my dorm to this I headed straight to Coaches room. He lived one hall down from me (lol) so I knocked on Coaches door and no answer. I headed back to my place trying to call security and they were already inside my room doing what they needed to do. This is twice that I've dreamed coach was saving me!

It was super nice to see him!! He still looks good!