Sunday, August 17, 2008

First soccer practice

This past Thursday was a big day in sports here at the Hudson household. Carter is finally old enough to join his big brother in sports. Yeah for organizations that let three year old's play.

Carter had so much fun and really listened to his coaches. Afterwards we were walking towards Bryson's soccer practice and he said "That was really good soccer!" I do have to say he looked awfully cute in his soccer outfit.

Bryson's practice on the other hand didn't go so well. We are going to see about having him switched to another team or coach ourselves. The coach that was out there coaching them really wasn't doing that. She would tell the kids to turn around and close their eyes and then she would throw the balls out and then tell the kids to go get them. If the five and six year old's weren't listening to her as she was lining them up she would make them run. She then told the kids to dribble the ball to each other while running to the goal but she yelled at them "Don't be a ball hog!". Some of these kids have never even played and don't know what dribbling is. She wasn't teaching them anything. I hate to be the parent that calls and complains about the coaching, but Joe and I have taught this age group and realize how crucial it is to teach the kids the basics and fundamentals. I would hate to have to pull him out, but I am not going to stand by and watch him gofer balls.

I was pretty upset and didn't take any pictures of his team, though I am hoping it won't be his team much longer.


Mommy to those Special Ks said...

SOOOO cute! I LOVE soccer! I just signed Kassidy up again today... and Kameron has chosen not to play this Fall. It kind of makes me sad since he's had the same teammates and coach since he was 4! Hopefully he'll miss it and want to play again in the Spring.

Anonymous said...

That's terrible! That's not a good coach at all. Just an old bitter woman on a powertrip... and with 5 year olds! That's pathetic!

Your probably the only one qualified in that communicty to complain since you've "been there and done that" hopefully the organization will listen to you. Maybe yall will have to coach again :)


johnandvic said...

Looks like Carter had fun!! We are going to put the boys in sports this year but not sure what.. I think Soccer would be good for Nathan and T-ball for Colby.. Gosh.. time flies I should have already put Nathan in some kinda sports a long time ago but time gets the best of you!! Well soon you will see pics of my boys playing something :)

Deanna said...

I know how you feel Dawn. Last Fall I signed Kaitlyn up for Soccer and the coach was a really dumby. She had the kids get on their hands and knees and push the ball with their noses down the field. To me that wasn't soccer and she treated my daughter with no respect. So I feel your pain. I hope all goes well. Take care. Deanna