Monday, March 10, 2008

What a day....T-ball and a Transy!

I helped my friend Kim deliver her beloved recliner to a transy and we got our new T-ball roster. All this in one afternoon. Speaking of my friend, her son Brayden will be one of the kids on our team this year. We also have another kid down the street on our team as well. He is a good friend of Bryson's. I have recruited so many kids I should get a commission check.

We will be missing one special, red headed little boy this year. He goes by the name of Maxwell. I posted here about Maxwell and his family, they have moved while his dad is deployed. He was on our team last year and he and Bryson were quite the duo. Our team name is the Padres again, we were hoping for another name but Padres we are.

Brayden's father is deployed as well, so please say a prayer for Mitch and Maxwell's father Jessie. As well as every other military member searving.

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