Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day.....What a day!!

It all started off early this morning while making Bryson breakfast. He told me he had a bad dream. I asked him what it was about and he said "Carter was shaving his face and then he put the blade in his mouth and he cut his tongue." What a dream huh? Then while he was eating he told me this "Last night before I went to sleep I saw people above my bed." He had mentioned to us about these people before, last time they were sitting on his bed looking at him. So, I asked him what were they doing? He said "They were walking into shops and driving cars, like a movie." I was a little shocked and didn't know how to respond so I asked him "Where they looking at you or just shopping?" And he told me "They were looking at me." So then I asked him "Are they being nice to you or mean?" He then said "They are being nice." Thank goodness I thought!

Next stop it was off to the barber shop, Carter's hair needed a trim. We walk into the shop and the barber was on the phone. He said he needed to report an accident. I should have known right then that his mind was pre-occupied. After about 10 minutes he says he is ready and I put Carter in the chair. I told him that I wanted a trim on Carter's hair. All the sudden the guy grabs the clippers and buzz...he buzzed the side of Carter's head. I stopped him but the damage was done. He said "That's what you wanted right?" "Um NO!! I said a trim!" He then said "Well let me do the other side and then trim the top." "Um NO again!" I said. We left with half of Carter's hair cut and had it fixed at Walmart. So much for trying some place new.

I then let my friend dye my hair. My hair is so thick that I have to use two bottles. Well, she wasn't use to may hair and needless to say two bottles wasn't enough. So, half my hair is darker than the other. Not quite sure what I am going to do with it yet. Maybe wear it in a pony-tail until it fades.

Then we had baseball practice today. Joe and I are coaching the team. Usually Carter does pretty well and wanders around the field while we are coaching and bugs the other players. All the sudden one of the mothers yells to me and says "Your son is on top of the car!" I look out and sure enough Carter is on top of my Tahoe(SUV). He had managed to climb all the way on top and was hanging out on the ROOF!

We did have a great birthday party to attend today. Carter's friend Kate turned 3. Here are two pictures that I took yesterday. Her family came over for a bar-b-que last night. This is the last picture of her at the age of two. How sad, the babies are growing up.
I think they look like an old married couple here.

Here is a picture of her father Playing Guitar Hero. He told Joe this morning that he dreamt of the Wii last night.

Staci, Kate's mom has a twin sister and she was visiting for Kate's birthday. This is her little girl.
Here is Bryson wishing he could be a big brother again to Kate's little brother Luke.

This is one St. Patrick's day for the books!


Milk Mama said...

Aw happy St. Patrick's Day to your family! your children are beautiful! And so is your friend's daughter--she's precious!

I'm tagging you for a game of "Meme" I found your link at 5 Mins for Mom. =)


Rules on my blog for the game.

johnandvic said...

Hey were is the pics of Carters and your hair? We want to see it:) Well sounds like you had an eventful St. Patrick's Day.. Take care

johnandvic said...

I see a 3 Hudson in the future!!!