Monday, March 3, 2008

Do you know what today is.....

It's my sister's birthday. So, if you know her call her and wish her a happy birthday. You only have a few more hours to do so. I won't say how old she is even if she is younger than I am. I will give you a hint though....she has three more years until she will be 30. Which means I don't even want to think how close I am until the big 3-0.

Do you want to who else has the same birthday? Dr. Seuss...I bet you didn't know that one. Well, my sister Shannon now knows because I told her earlier while talking to her. I never realized this or maybe while growing up I just didn't care, actually I really don't care now either besides the fact that I had to make a hat for the special occasion. You know the hat from the Dr. Seuss book A Cat in the Hat. Bryson had the option of dressing up today as a Dr. Seuss character, though honestly do any of the characters actually wear real clothes? We were told not to go out and buy anything but come on who has a cat suit just laying around? Therefore I thought of the easiest thing to make and that was the hat. I went into my, forbidden closet, as I call it and found some scrapbook paper, then grabbed a paper plate and bowl and went to work. I didn't take a picture when I was done yesterday or this morning, but as I was unloading Bryson's backpack today I saw my hard work and thought why not now.

So, here is a picture of Carter wearing the hat after being squashed into the backpack with a lunchbox, a pringles can, and a hoodie sweatshirt. Lets just say the hat use to stand straight up.


Anonymous said...

You just topped off one of my most favorite birthdays ever! I'm glad I checked ur page before I went to sleep while its still my birthday! I love u Dawn. My sister ;)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Shannon!

Nice work on the hat dawn, you really impress me- you know you are my hero!


Anonymous said...

Thankyou Lindsey!


Terina said...

hi dawn. so, i gotta ask, how did you find me?? :) and my son also came home with a dr. seuss type hat. it wasn't so complex as your boys.:)

Anonymous said...

Hey Dawn,

Found your blog and seen that you are in Okinawa KAB!! Us too, give me a call 959-0248 or email me

Can't wait to hear from you!
Leann & Ramon
Alamo High;-)