Sunday, March 23, 2008

We have now joined the eye sore club!

The day started off with an Easter Egg Hunt with the town of Spring Lake. They were holding it were Bryson has t-ball practice. Joe took the kids out there as I had some errands to run.

After the egg hunt we had T-ball practice. The kids did a great job at practice and I think we are going to have a great team. Though Bryson's friend Reagan broke his finger yesterday. We officially have a player on the injured list and we are just in the pre-season. Send prayers that his finger heals fast, we need our players on the field not on the bench.

After practice we jumped into our borrowed truck and we were off to get a trampoline. My good friend Kim let us borrow her truck. The kids were so tired from the earlier events that they took a nap on the drive there. Carter woke up once we got there but Bryson even slept through us taking the trampoline down and loading it into the truck. Then we headed back to the house to put it back together. It's not the prettiest thing on the block but I bet it was the cheapest.

These pictures were taken while putting the trampoline back together. We got so carried away with jumping that I don't have a finish picture yet.

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Anonymous said...

Great Easter present! Carter already has static hair :) Dawn, yall be safe on your travel! I'm so excited to see yall! I bought the boys a couple of toy gifts. Have fun flying to NM! See you soon!!!!!! sjt