Saturday, March 1, 2008

Our Christmas Journey Day 6 Part 3

December 26th Day 6 Part 3

After spending the morning and part of the afternoon at MGM we headed back to EPCOT.
We had dinner reservations at the famous Coral Reef at 4:20, and didn't want to rush to get back. Once we got into the park we had fast passes to Test Track from the previous day and headed on over. We learned on the second day that we could use the fast passes from previous days and made use of the very useful information the rest of the trip. I am sure that there are some people out there that frown down upon that, but during Christmas when the world was very crowded and some of the fast passes were gone by noon we didn't mind one bit.

Carter loved Test Track just as much as the first time he rode and said he didn't want to do it again. In fact while we were getting in the car to ride he said "I don't like this car!" I just had to tell him that he was out numbered and that we were riding. Once we left Test Track we headed on over to Coral Reef when Bryson had an encounter with a Dream Team Member.

I guess I should go back to the beginning and explain something first. I need to explain what Bryson and Carter have around their necks and at times poor Joe. They are called Lanyards and Disney Pins. I think I got more into it than the boys and by the end of the trip Joe really liked looking for pins as well. I had read a little about pin trading before we left on our trip but by the time I realized that the boys would really like to do this it was time to pack up and head to Florida. I would have liked to have bought some pins on eBay before leaving. You can find some Disney pins on eBay for a few dollars. The cheapest pin you can buy at Disney World is 6.95, and of course you need a pin to trade. When we went to Downtown Disney the first day we bought both boys a lanyard and four pins. Bryson picked out a Mickey Mouse, Lightning McQueen and King, Bambi and Joe picked him out a Little Einstein's pin. Carter picked out a Lightning McQueen and King, Mickey Mouse, Joe also picked out a Little Einstein's and then he picked out Daisey Duck. Joe could not believe he picked out Daisy and kept asking him if he wanted to trade it but he said NO.

On our first day at the parks we realized that the Cast Members wearing a blue lanyard with pins could trade with anyone and that the Cast Members that wore a green lanyard could only trade with children. The first time I say a CM with a green lanyard I told Bryson lets go trade. He walked up to the CM and she bent down to let him look. After a long, long pause he said no. I don't want to. After that I would ask him whenever I saw a green lanyard and he was never ready. There were two rides that I let Bryson get a pin from and the rest I told him I would buy off of eBay when we got back. The ride pins were pretty pricey and the ones he picked were 13 dollars. The pins he picked out were Expedition Everest and the Tower of Terror. Carter's ride pins are Dinosaur because he didn't like that ride and Soarin'.

Here is a picture I took today of their pins. Bryson's is the blue lanyard

and Carter's the the black lanyard.

Now that you are all caught up I will get to the Dream Team part. We were on our way to Coral Reef when I spot a green lanyard. After a double take I realize it is a dream team member, and that he is off duty. I asked Bryson if he wanted to trade pins that the guy who just walked by had a green one on. All the sudden Bryson says "yeah I want to trade". He jumps out of the stroller and runs to the guy and asks him to trade. I walk over there and start taking pictures.
Bryson asked him to trade and the guy said to pick out a pin that he wanted to trade.

Bryson picked out a Birthday pin. The guy asked Bryson if it was his birthday and Bryson said no, that he liked that pin.

Then the guy asked Bryson what pin he would be trading it for and Bryson gave him his Mickey Mouse pin.

He then helped Bryson put on his new Birthday Pin.

I told the gentleman that this was his very first pin trade and that is why I was taking so many pictures. I had to document it. He then tells Bryson "well then, I have something very special for you." He looks down and digs into his bag

and pulls out a.....

Coming up: What does he get? Did we get attacked at dinner? And a very special lighting!


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