Wednesday, March 19, 2008

We had a Moose in the house!

Yesterday I had the privilege to watch my friends little girl. She is almost 6 months old and one of the best babies ever. Sarah brought her over while Carter was still sleeping. When he woke up and came in the living room this is how our conversation went.

Carter: You got me a baby sister?
Mom: Yeah, you like her?
Carter: I love her.

He played trains with her and laid right next to her. About an hour later it was time to go get Bryson from school. I put her in the stroller and Carter rode his power wheels. She is such a good baby Bryson didn't even realize she was there until we got back home. Then this is how our conversation went.

Bryson: Where did you get that baby?
Mom: From the store, she's pretty cute isn't she?
Bryson: Yeah, I really like her.
Mom: What are we going to call her?
Bryson: (He thinks for a second) I think we should call her Moose My Moose.
Mom: What do you want to call her?
Bryson: Moose My Moose, and we will call her Moose for her short name.
Mom: (Smiling and internally laughing) That's a great name!

He laid down with her and was petting her head. He kept saying that she was so cute.

Here are a few pictures of our little Moose for the day.


johnandvic said...

How cute.... Makes you want to have another one.. Huh?!

Anonymous said...

Is there a third one in the works?

Sabrina said...

That is adorable. I wish we could buy another baby from the store :)

Anonymous said...

OH Dawn, yall need to have a baby!! Bryson & Carter would be such helpers! That's too bad such a beautiful tree has such a nasty smell. Keep doing that laundry we're all so excited to see you. George I hear is there now. He too is on spring break. Ryan and I will be there friday. So I called u today cause I wanted to get the boys shoe size!! I didn't hear back from you and we left Roswell. So no alien water shoes for the boys. Maybe I can find something else equally as cool.. doubt it. (just kidding) But they were pretty cool!!!