Thursday, November 1, 2007

Power Rangers to the Rescue!!

The kids had a great Halloween this year. Bryson was the red power ranger and Carter was the blue power ranger. I think it's funny that they chose to be power rangers for up until they decided, they had never seen a single episode. Once they decided they wanted to be power rangers i picked up a few DVDs to see what the big fuss was about and i can honestly say i am not a big fan. I think the whole reason why Carter wanted to be a power ranger is because thats what his big brother wanted to be.

We trick or treated around our house and the kids made a killing on candy. After three streets they had filled their bags. They had so much fun and already can't wait until next year.

The boys with their friends.

Carter and his friend Kate

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SJT said...

Weird, little brother wants to be like big brother. I"ve never heard of that in my life.