Monday, November 5, 2007

Guess who is 2 1/2 today?

Before i get started i want to let you know that i have a video of Carter below. You might want to go to the very bottom of this page and pause the music so you can hear him saying his numbers. If you can't see the video or hear it, let me know and i will send it to you.

Carter is learning new things everyday. We can't believe he is two and a half already.

Some of the things he has mastered:
1. He knows his colors. Well, all but pink, but what little boy needs to know pink?
2. He knows how to count to 10 minus 6 and 7.
3. He can identify the numbers 1 through 10. He has trouble with 6 and 9.
4. He knows all the names of the cars from the movie Cars.
5. He can spell Purple (with help).

Things we are working on:
1. Potty training
2. Loosing the Mimi (pacifier)
3. How to take off and put on his shirt.

Carter is 38 7/8 inches and he weighs 34 pounds.

Here is a video of Carter identifying numbers.

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