Sunday, November 11, 2007

Can you have to much of a good thing?

Apparently not! Like i have said a hundred times before Carter loves Lightning Mcqueen. Actually he loves all the cars from the movie Cars. Every time we go to Walmart, Target, Toys-R-Us, or the BX he has to go to the toy section. He searches or has me search for any new car. Disney makes a lot of money off the Hudson family. Every time i turn around they are making new cars, for example there is a car named Ramone, and in the movie he owns a paint body shop. Now Disney is smart for instead of having just one purple Ramone, they have made him in 7 different colors. Well, 7 so far for tomorrow they may have made an eighth. They will probably go through the whole rainbow and then start coming up with colors like magenta and periwinkle, and you know what...we will keep buying them. Here is a picture of Carter and some of the cars we could find for the picture. I know that we are missing a few but didn't have the time to search the entire house. I guess we will never know just how many Cars cars we truly have. If you want to see the cars up close and personal just click on the picture and it will make it larger.


SJT said...

Dawn Turner Hudson! That's a lot of cars. Isn't his bed a car too?

ginger stevens said...

Hi it is me ginger you kids are getting so big we do miss you guys very nice blog one day my will be as nice.

ginger stevens said...

it is ginger agan. i forgot you asked what base we are at. it is Edwards in CA and we love it i am from CA so it is nice to be home