Saturday, November 17, 2007

What a Success!

This past Thursday was our fall festival. I actually helped plan the festival and it turned out great. We ended up having it inside because of the weather but I think it turned out better that way. The only thing outside were the pony rides and the jailhouse. The events that we had inside were spread out all over the school in different classrooms. Some of the events we had were a duck pond, a sucker pull, cake walk, musical chairs, ponies, bean bag toss, hula hoops, face painting, ping pong toss, and we even had a jumpy castle and an inflatable slide inside the school. There were a total of 19 stations with different games. It was awesome and so many kids and families showed up.

I was in charge of the chili cook off and getting the donations for the winners and the raffle we had. I was amazed by my own success. I was able to get two hotels to donate a room, Texas Roadhouse and O'Charley's donated a 25 dollar gift card, Olive Garden donated 70 kids meals, a spa and a hair salon donated services and various other restaurants donated free appetizers and kids meals as well.

I entered the chili contest and to my disappointment I didn't win, but I'll be damned if my neighbor and friend Carson ended up winning the whole contest. I don't know what upsets me more....the fact that she doesn't cook and wins, or the fact that she doesn't cook and wins? No I am kidding, I am very proud that she won and think it's a great start to a life time of chili contests for her.

Carson is also first to tell everyone that I am the luckiest person when it comes to raffles and winning. She does have a good point. 9 times out of 10 I will win at least something on the raffle table. It might not be anything good but I am sure to win it. On Thursday I bought 5 tickets, they were a dollar a ticket. I wasn't sure if I was allowed to participate since I am the one that gathered the prizes and went from place to place to pick them up but I was told yes that I was allowed. I didn't tell them my secret. The first number was called and low and behold I won. I ended up winning back my Texas Roadhouse gift card. Yeah for me, The Hudson's love that place. I decided after I won that I should be null and void and pass along my tickets because I knew they still had a great chance of winning again. Two more numbers were called and bingo my tickets one again. This time it wasn't anything to was a water bottle. After that ticket was called we decided to go play a few more games and then another ticket was called over the intercom of the school. I heard a ticket that sounded very familiar to the ticket I had very graciously given up. I walked back to the cafeteria where they were holding the drawings and asked my friend Kim whom I am given the tickets to if she won. I looked at the ticket and guess what....we have a winner. That ticket won the O'Charley's gift card. She said that I could have it back but I told her no to keep it she needed a night out. Her husband is deployed and she needed a little pick me up. (Kim if you are reading this you better invite me) (Carson if you are reading this I didn't tell you about all the other stuff I won because you would have gotten mad at me) Carson is a little jealous that I win so a nice friendly competitive way. CLICK ON THE PICTURES TO MAKE THEM LARGER


sjt said...

Bryson's hair is getting really dark. Good job on putting that event together! It was sweet you gave your tickets away after winning your first prize so others could win too.

Anonymous said...

Geeze, its a good thing you didnt tell your FRIEND Carson the truth, but I hear her chili is gooooood!