Friday, November 2, 2007

We are broke!

Not really but remember me saying how we had failed our North Carolina inspection due to our middle brake light being out. Well, yesterday i went to the dealership to buy it. All the other auto stores didn't have it because its an LED light and not just a bulb. I asked them if they had it and how much it was. I was thinking at the most 60 dollars and i thought 60 was a little on the high side. I about nearly fell over when he told me. With a military discount it came out to be 187 plus change. For a split second i thought how bad do i really need the inspection sticker? If i got pulled over i could talk my way out of it right?? Then reality set in and of course i needed it. So, i unwillingly handed my debit card to the man. We tugged it back and forth for a few and then i finally loosened my grip and he vanished. When he returned he gave me my receipt to sign and i reluctantly signed and was handed my box.

When Joe got home last night we put the light in and it worked. Yeah Joe!!! This morning he took it back to the inspection place at get our sticker. With not a day to spare we PASSED!

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SJT said...

whoa that was so cute! It was my first time to ever be able to see a video on your page. Carter's so smart! I saw Bryson run by in his undies @ the end. :) More video's please