Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

This year after some thought Joe and I decided we wanted to have Thanksgiving with just us, just the Four of us. Last year fortunately we were with family but in previous years we have always been surrounded with friends and though we love it, it was nice to just have us. The years we have spent Christmas by ourselves we usually lounge around and since this Christmas we are going to be so busy and surrounded by thousands of people we thought it would be nice to lounge around this Thanksgiving. Boy were we right!

Joe and the boys had a great time this Thanksgiving. Bryson threw the football around with dad while he watched the turkey and Carter played on his tricycle. I was busy inside cooking while all this fun was going on. Though lucky for me i could see all the fun from my kitchen window.

Joe did a fantastic job frying the turkey this year. The turkey was so moist and so good. I made the mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, rolls and escargot. Let me tell you they were all great also. Last night I made an apple pie, key lime pie and a pumpkin roll. All three of those were a first for me. I usually just buy the frozen pies and cook them and then claim them as mine. Everyone knows my secret so therefor it's not really a secret then huh?

I had never heard of a pumpkin roll until one of Carter's playgroups. It was so good that I have had dreams about that pumpkin roll non-stop ever since. So, last night I was going to make a pumpkin pie and I thought to myself "self why don't you just make a pumpkin roll" Wow, what a great idea. I looked through my stuff to see if I had all the ingredients and I was missing two. Next door neighbors to the rescue, I got my ingredients made the roll and it tasted just like I remembered.

I had a bit of an ego boost today. My friend that lives across the street Terra came over to try my escargot. She has never had it before and I told her to come get some. She came over and brought one of her friends, she was visiting Terra for Thanksgiving and she loves escargot. They both came inside and got a plate of food. Terra's friend Jana saw my wedding pictures in my hallway and then she heard the boys voices coming form the back bedrooms. In more of a statement she asked "you have a kid?" I said yes I have two a five year old and a two year old. Then what she said next was music to my ears......she asked with sort of a wondering, confused tone...."How old are you?" When I told her I was 28 you should have seen the look on her face...amazement.

I always knew I had great DNA but I have to say THANKS mom and dad for the great genes.

Once again Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

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johnandvic said...

That pumpkin roll looks wonderful.. Can you pass on the recipe???