Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Greasy Grimy Pumpkin Guts

We had a lot of fun carving pumpkins this year. The kids were not afraid to get their hands in pumpkin guts. Bryson cleaned his pumpkin and then i carved a spider on it. Carter cleaned a little bit of his pumpkin and then the rest of the night he kept trying to cut his own pumpkin. Every time i turned around he had a pumpkin knife to the pumpkin or he was headed in that direction. Can you guess what he wanted carved on his pumpkin? If you have read any of my previous posts i am sure you can but i will give you a hint....he is red, fast and says Kachow. That's right Lightning McQueen. That was a tough one to carve as i had no pattern to go by. I also tried a new technique which is called pilling or shaving and i need to work on that. The third pumpkin i did was a pirate ship and Joe and Bryson really liked it. The last was the Air Force pumpkin. Last year was the first year i did that and it probably will be a Halloween tradition. Here are a few pics. Click on them to make the pictures larger. HAPPY HALLOWEEN


Nicole said...

These turned out great! I actually bought a book of patterns this year but I always get too excited and just start carving away without a pattern anyway :-)

SJT said...

Dawn those are phenomenal!