Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The surprise of Christmas.....or lack there of!

I have only wrapped one Christmas present this year so far. I wrapped it yesterday with the help of Bryson. It was the present Bryson picked out for Carter for Christmas so he got to help me wrap it. Well, today I was in the kitchen and I heard Bumblebee talking. If you haven't seen the movie Transformers Bumblebee is one of the good guys. He is an Autobot. Alright back to the, I was in the kitchen and I heard....Transformers more than meets the eye!! Then I hear Carter yell really loud "Yeah Transformers more meets the eye, Mommy it's Bumblebee!" How do I even get mad at that. You should have seen the look on his face. He was so excited to see his brand new Transformer.

I just have to laugh because there was only one present under the tree. One lone present that didn't even last 24 hours. I can only imagine what would have happened had I wrapped them all.

So, I ask...Is there really a point to wrapping the presents? Alright, I know the answer to that, but maybe I won't wrap the presents until the night before Christmas. Now that I think of it, that sounds like a plan!

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sjt said...

That's funny! I'm glad you didn't wrap more either! I think your idea of wrapping the night before is the way to go. Plus Santa brings the best toys! I will never EVER forget our Christmas mornings. Those memories I treasure so much.
love u