Monday, August 10, 2009

The Van

So here is my new ride. I never thought I would be a mini-van mom but around here it's either a tiny car or a van. Yes there are a few SUV's they are called Toyota Surfs. In the States you would refer to them as Toyota 4-Runners. The thing is they are way over priced here and really not all that big, not when we are use to our big Tahoe. it is.

The boys do think it's pretty cool because the seats can turn around and face each other and there is a huge sunroof that opens up over their seats. There is a sunroof over the driver and passenger seat as well. The van is pretty cool I do have to admit and its got some great get up and go power that the little car just didn't have.

Don't worry, Chasers seat isn't turned around forward I just didn't take it out for the pictures. When his big boy car seat gets here next month I will be able to flip all the seats around and he will be facing backwards but still get to see Bryson and Carter. He will probably be the only kid that actually faces backwards all the way to a year. I was bad with the older boys. I flipped Bryson forward at 5 months and Carter at 4 months. They were both in their big boy car seats at that time and hated being backwards. This time Chase will actually be entertained by his big brothers. They are going to have a blast back there.


Anonymous said...

Awesome car! We'll have to set up a skype date. I'm off wed & thurs.


Steven Montoya said...

Nice ride! It even has curtains?! Hope all of you are doing well.

johnandvic said...

Nice ride.. love the "curtains" in the van :)