Monday, August 31, 2009

First Day of School

Today was Bryson's first day of 1st grade.  I was not impressed with his teacher on Friday at the meet and greet.  I was even more upset when I ran into another mother coming out of Chili's that night and she couldn't believe the way the teacher had talked to me.  I tried to get him changed this morning but the school says no.  They won't even consider it until school has been in session for 5 weeks.

I am also having issues with the cross guards or shall I say lack there of.  Our home is just over 1 mile away from the school and transportation says its considered walking distance.  I am not happy about this, but understand that here on this island there are limited amount of buses for all the children and its hard to spare a bus for a mile walk.  The problem I am having is that Bryson has two major intersections to cross on his walk, and at each intersection he has to cross it twice.  The reason for this is because the sidewalk doesn't continue on the other side and then at the next intersection he has to cross twice again because the school is back on the other side.

One of the intersections is a street light.  This street light doesn't even have a button to push that would allow him to see when he should cross the street.  The other intersection is a stop sign that's a quarter of a mile from the school and it still doesn't have cross guards.  I addressed this concern with the school at first and they said to call the superintendents office and when I called them they said they would discus it with the school.  I feel like I am getting the run around.

If I had a choice I would not make Bryson walk home, and I am still trying to figure out how not to.  The problem I am having is that Carter gets out of Pre-K at 3pm with a very strict late policy.  They will charge by the minute.  Carter's Pre-K is also at another base.  Bryson's school gets out at 3:05pm.  See the problem I am having.  If they would just bus him I would be home by the time he was, the same thing if he walks I will be home before he gets there.  I just want him to be safe if he has to walk.

I will let you know what I find out.


Anonymous said...

i went to bob hope! how weird. is amelia earhart next to it!

Anonymous said...

sorry that was me jascquie

Anonymous said...

Dawn this is horrible about the walking situation! What did you find out? That sucks. And Carter gets out at 3 and Brson 305 and they are on different bases?? Gosh. Let me know what you do.

I"m back from Louisiana. Try to skype me tonight.


Valeri said...

How frustrating! I'm so sorry for the stress of having a lowsy teacher! And the safety issues with walking to school - that's just ridiculous! Hope you get things worked out. I'm so sorry.

shaun13b said...

I also went to Bob Hope for the last half of second grade and then I went to Zukeran to finish up elementary. I graduated from Kubasaki in 2000 which was the same year my dad retired from the Navy. Wanted to post this to hopefully ease some of your worries. I and my friends also had to walk to school everyday, which seems really scary for a parent, and I don't remember ever hearing of a pedestrian accident the entire time I was there. Keep in mind that the driving speeds on Okinawa are alot slower than stateside and even more so on base. This gives drivers plenty of reaction time in case the worst happens (driver not paying attention/child not looking both ways). As long as your child knows to look both ways, I think he will be fine. Also, it blows me away when I see the tiniest Okinawan kids with their backpacks walking home from school offbase.