Thursday, August 20, 2009

4 months

The time has really flown this past month and it's hard to say that our little Chase is four months old. He had another big month and still hasn't adjusted to everything that he has gone through.

  • You flew half across the world.  
  • You are now living in Japan.
  • You love to roll from your belly to your back.
  • If I would let you sleep on your belly you would.
  • In the last month you are now not sleeping through the night.  Though after 3 hotels, 2 states, 1 country and several different beds who can blame you.
  • You are still not very vocal, though when you allow us to hear you its sweet sweet music to all of our ears.  Your voice is just so sweet.
  • You love to smile and you do a voiceless giggle, with a few peeps here and there.
  • The Japanese just love you.  As Bryson says "The Japanese love American babies huh Mom?"
  • You just got your two month shots 3 days ago.  I know, I should be ashamed of myself but preparing for the move, and then your daddy coming home and then moving,  your shots got put on hold.  I promise to do better now.
  • You did great with your shots but still have a nice big lump.
  • You went to a few more movies.  G-Force, and Aliens in the Attic.
  • You still would rather be held then not.

I am sure there are many more but it's hard to think on the spot.


Anonymous said...

Chase is so cute and a sweet baby. He looks so tired. Poor baby.

johnandvic said...

WOW 4 months already!!!! He is sooo cute :)

Our Family said...

Dawn, he is just adorable!