Sunday, August 30, 2009

Aria Asia in American VIllage

Friday night we took the boys to Yogurtland down in American Village.  We like to go on the weekends because in the square they always have entertainment.  Last week they had some break dancers.  I of course forgot to bring my camera but Friday night I was prepared and boy was I happy.

As we were walking in to get our yogurt the band was setting up everything.  Once we were done we headed down the steps yogurt in hand and found a seat.  The lead lady is a violinist and she was amazing.  She played a few songs and then a man came out and did a fire show.  Her name is Aria Asia and you can click on her name to take you to her website.

 The music was so beautiful that we bought a cd and she signed it for us.

All the years I played violin I never enjoyed it but the sound of it will make me stop turn and listen.  Its such a sweet sound, and I know just how hard, and what dedication it takes to play.

Here is a video I found on youtube that shows where she was playing and the show we saw.

Here is a better video to see what she actually looks like.


Anonymous said...

That sounds fun! I love yogurt. Well don't be too mad you forgot your camera. Tuesday Ryan's uncle dropped us off in New Orleans for the night cause we flew out wednesday and its only 14 miles from the airport. Anyway. Ryan and I checked in the Royal Sonesta hotel and we were just going to go get a po boy to eat. WEll then we wanted to go to the Imax Theatre then we went to the Aquarium and NO CAMERA!!! So I grabbed Ryan's cell phone and started taking photos. I was so mad at myself. We could have walked back to the hotel but the Theatre started at 3 and it was 250pm. Its a package deal so when that was done we viewed the Aquarium.

Skype me.

Anonymous said...

The music is so beautiful,thank you for showing.