Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Pizza In the Sky

We ventured out on Sunday and went to a restaurant I had read about. We were given rough directions, and when I say rough we were somewhat guessing. We ended up in someones driveway and Joe had to help me back out as it was up a hill and there was a drop off I didn't want to back up on. Even though the van is smaller than American ones it's still a beast around here.

We did find it by taking roads that could only fit one car on at a time. You had to watch for on coming cars and take turns using the road. When we got there and walked up the drive way the smell was amazing. I can imagine how the pizza place was probably once someones home. I wish I would have taken some photos once we got inside but I was holding Chase and trying to keep him good while we ate.

What kind of Pizza did we have? Well, this is one for the books. The only make one type of pizza for the day. Ours so happened to be a garlic, corn, bell pepper and hot dog pizza. Let me tell you it was awesome. I didn't eat my hot dogs, they were given to Carter because he didn't want the pizza just the dogs but I would have never imagined a hot dog and corn pizza would actually taste great. The restaurant was packed and we actually had to wait about 20 minutes to get a seat. People come from all over the island to eat there. Two thumbs up!

The Japanese women love Chase. The lady in red came right up to Joe speaking Japanese and scooped him right up and away she went. She probably held him most of those 20 minutes. Also Carter has a fascination with Chasers feet. They just happen to be at the right height for his mouth when Joe is holding him.

I am sure we will go back and I will take photos of the inside and of the pizza.


Our Family said...

That is so cute that he eats his feet!! Korean woman are the same way with babies. Lily is a rockstar in Korea because of her blonde hair and blue eyes:)

Steven Montoya said...

Interesting pizza combinations! I like the picture of Carter kissing/sucking on Chase's foot! Very cute. How are the kids adapting? They seem like they are having fun.

Anonymous said...

Oh little Carter.. please don't do that with the feet.

Although I"m sure your mom keeps Chasers feet super clean.. still.


shaun13b said...

I found your blog when I googled pizza in the sky and I must say that it is great. I took my wife to Okinawa 3 summers ago to visit my parents. My Dad is retired Navy and my mom is Okinawan. We went to pizza in the sky and it was amazing. The food was perfect and so were the views. This summer the in-laws will hopefully come with us and I cant wait to show them all the wonderful things about Okinawa, mostly the food. lol. If you haven't tried it already, you should eat nikuman, pizzaman, and kareman from Family Mart or Lawson or similar. They have them next to the counter in these clear heated cases. They are a type of extremely soft and delicious bread with different fillings inside. Niku means meat, pizza is obviously pizza, and kare is curry. My mouth is watering. Not to get carried away but you should also check out Hokka Hokka Tei and order chicken namban bentou. There's no room to eat inside so get it as take out. It's lunch time here in Vegas and the thought of Okinawan food is killing me!

Dawn said...

Thanks so much for the yummy places to try shaun13b. Those sound like some awsome places to try.