Monday, August 3, 2009


This is a car that we have been lucky enough to borrow. Its a cute little car but let me tell you it has no power to it. Most of the roads here are between 25 and 60 kilometers. Which isn't very fast and people pass me left and right. I can only get the car up to 60 kilometers if I am going down a hill. It I am driving up a hill which there are lots here I can go in between 20 and 30 kilometers. As the cars are passing us by we all just laugh because it feels like the Flintstones that we could pick up the car and run it faster. Though I am not sure what we would do without it. We are very thankful that we have are Fred Flintstone car. We bought a van on Saturday and it should be ready for pick up tomorrow after four. If not it will be ready on Wednesday. Our borrowed furniture gets delivered to our house on Wednesday and we get to move in on Thursday. Yeah!! We are so ready to be out of our hotel.

By the way we are now no longer driving illegally as Joe and I both passed our tests. He made 100 and I made a 95. Joe says I must have marked the wrong answer because they were right next to each other and I was holding Chase so he was my handicap. He is so sweet not to rub it in because had it been the other way around he would not be hearing the end of it for the next few years.

I will take pictures of the new car when we pick it up tomorrow/Wednesday.


Erica @ on the move said...

Where are you going to live?

Anonymous said...

Yippee, you passed your tests and you are moving in to your new house!!! Funny how little things are so appreciated when you don't have them...amazing how humbling these experiences make us!!! Glad you guys are doing great and can laugh about all of this, I can't believe you are driving on the left side Dawn...good job. Love you all!!! MOM

Anonymous said...

lol. fred flinstone. Wilma.


Casey (@ Ever-Changing Life) said...

Yeah for passing the test! My husband failed on his first try. He still hasn't heard the end of it.

Now you get Flinstone furniture to go with the Flinstone car! Yeah! I'm sure it will be great to start getting settled in your house.

Erica @ on the move said...

So, turns out our husbands work together. Chris came home from work today and told me about an MSC he met who just moved here named Joe Hudson who has three little boys. Small world!

Dawn Hudson said...