Monday, September 1, 2008

The past few days...

Carter had a little accident the other day. he was playing on Bryson's computer when all the sudden I hear a big crash and Carter screaming. I run into Bryson's room and Bryson's tall chest of drawers is on top of him, all that was showing was Carter's head and his little hands.
You would have thought I was super woman the way I grabbed the dresser with my left hand and lifted it up and grabbed Carter with my right hand and pulled him out. Surprisingly he wasn't hurt to badly all he said was that his foot was hurting. I tried to make sure it wasn't his chest or belly but he said he was fine. I asked him what happened and he said that he was trying to get a new computer game which so happens to be in the top shelf of the dresser. He said he was really scared and won't do it again. Here is a picture of the after math.

To make him feel better he got out two yogurt drinks and drank them together.

The past three days I have been sick. This is my first cold this year and when I get sick I don't feel well at all. Last night I was ready to take a bath and ran the water and this is what came out of our pipes. I called maintenance today and they came over, well the water wasn't coming out brown anymore and even after showing them the pictures the plumber said "Mrs. there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with your pipes."

I then went on to ask him if he could tell me why the water was so brown last night and he couldn't. He did say that it wasn't sewer water. Gotta love these old military homes. There is another plumber coming out tomorrow so maybe he will find something.


johnandvic said...

You need to invest ine the hooks that hook into the wall and the dresser so the it won't fall... We have thoses on the dressers( In Colby's room) just in case that ever happened it wouldn't fall..Colby is a climber and found him many of times trying to climb on the dresser.. I never had to worry about Nathan he was never a climber.

johnandvic said...

Lucky Carter is okay!!!!

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Oh gosh! How scary! I'm glad Carter was ok!!

That bath water is GROSS! How could anyone say there is nothing wrong?! Sheesh! I hope the new guy finds something!

Anonymous said...

That's very scary. Poor Carter! That's serious. I agree with the 3 above comments! You have smart friends.


Steven Montoya said...

I am sorry to hear about Carter. He was a brave little boy. I never thought of the hooks that you put into the wall. Good information to have. Glad he doing ok.