Thursday, September 25, 2008

A party fit for a PIRATE!!!

I will add some pictures a little later. This post is not allowing me to add anymore. We had Bryson's birthday on August 16th, 2008. Bryson loves to rent the pool out for his party so we have to have it early. He had an awesome time and so did all the kids. The one good thing about renting out the pool is that the kids he invites can bring their whole family. We decided this year that he wouldn't get his presents from us until his actual birthday so I will post about what we did yesterday later. Bryson loves all the gifts that he recived form his friends.

Bryson helped me make his cake, well....he helped with the mixer until he picked it up out of the batter with the mixers still spinning and then I told him that was enough help.
The cake turned out really well and even better than I had imagined. It took me just under three hours to decorate it. This is the first decorative cake I have ever made and I might just do it again.

I had the kids do a competition of walking the plank. I had a separate gift for the kid that walked the plank the best/funniest. Joe was a great sport.


Lindsey said...

How fun! What a great job on the cake, it looks to good to cut into! Looks and sounds like you all had a great time-Nice hat Joe!


johnandvic said...

How cute.. I love the cake.. Where did you get that idea?.. Joe looks like he had a few too many pirate drinks!! :)

Stacey said...

I've said it before, you are AMAZING with your gifts with cooking, decorating, SKILLS!!! SUPER-MOM!!!! The cake looks phenomenal....glad you all had fun!!

Anonymous said...

Pluto is no longer a planet.
Thanks for calling me back.

On a sweet note, I love you.