Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tokyo DisneySea

DisneySea was amazing.  There were hardly any people there and all the rides had about a five minute wait.  It was amazing.  It did sprinkle on us later on in the afternoon but nothing an umbrella couldn't fix.

As soon as we walked into the park all the characters were there and they were so funny.
Mickey was so sweet and gave Carter's arm a kiss.  We wanted him to sign it but Mickey's bodyguard threw up his arms in an X and shook his head.  I think Mickey really wanted to.
Pluto ran away with Bryson.  And then Pluto wanted Bryson to rub his nose so Bryson rubs his nose while holding a permanent marker and yep you guessed it...Pluto had a mark on him and had to leave right away!  I hope they were able to give Pluto a bath and get him all cleaned up.
Chip and Dale were hilarious and quite the funny ones!!

The details to all the different Ports and Lagoons were unbelievable.

The was Ariel's Lagoon and inside was an amazing underground play area.  There were rides, a theater and play area to run around.  It was a perfect place when it started sprinkling.
The ride behind the boys was Journey to the Center of the Earth.
I wish I would have gotten another picture of the wheelchair but I didn't.  At Disney World in the states you can rent an awesome stroller.  One where the kids can climb in and out of.  We thought that would be perfect to rent for Bryson and Carter.  That if they got tired of walking they could take turns.  Yesterday at Tokyo Disney we went to the stroller section and the stroller was anything but easy to get in and out of.  So we decided against it and Carter walked, and walked and walked!!  He was so tired as we were leaving the park that Joe had to hold him.  The train ride from Disney to our hotel was over an hour and we had two separate train transfers and then about a quarter of a mile walk after the last train.  Joe said Carter was very heavy. ha ha
So when we got to DisneySea today Carter saw the wheelchairs and said he wanted one of those.  The funny thing is the wheelchairs were four dollars cheaper than the hard to get in and out of strollers.  What was also awesome about the wheelchair was that Bryson and Carter both could ride in the wheelchair together. 

We walked all over the park and didn't have to yell at the kids to hurry or hear them say they were tired, and when it started to sprinkle they were even able to share an umbrella.  It really was the perfect solution, and no, people didn't stare or wonder why we had it.  We also didn't get any special privileges using the wheelchair or even with Carter's broken arm.
This was the Tower of Terror and you can see just how empty it was here at the park.  (don't laugh to hard)
This ride had a 360 loop in it and was Carter's favorite ride.  The boys rode it three times in a row.  We also think Carter might have re-broken his arm.  The bars go over your head an lock across your belly.  Well, Carter had his cast pinned in between his belly and the bars.  He cried and cried but slowly he got better.
You can kind of see Carter here, he is to the right of Joe.  You can barely see his head and the side of his face.
This is Chaser's very expensive stroller cover.  If you are headed up to Disney and it might rain bring one with you.  It was more expensive than a Disney Resort umbrella.  Though it is super cute because it has Mickey all over it.
As soon as Gepetto made eye contact with Chase he said "Peace out, I'm outta here!!"

Overall DisneySea was amazing and we all had a very wonderful time.

Oh and about Mickey and Carter's cast.  At the end of the day Mickey did end up signing his cast and I got it on video.  I will try and upload it later.

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