Monday, April 12, 2010

Do you want to party??

Ultimate Blog Party 2010

I wasn't able to attend the party last year but the year before was great and I even won a prize. I haven't had a chance to look through all the prizes yet but I am sure there are some good ones.

This blog is about my family and our life in the Air Force. I have three very active boys and we are having a blast exploring the island we live on known as Okinawa, Japan.


Kowanda said...

Hi! Here for the party. My husband is in the Army we we are currently living in Yongsan, South Korea.

Comfort Joy Designs said...

Happy UBP 2010!

MrsMamaHen said...

Hello! Found you by way of the UBP10! I'm Conni, army wife and homeschooling mom of three. I can't imagine being stationed in Japan! How cool that must be. We have lived in Germany - which I loved. It's nice to meet another military wife on here!


The Mother said...

Happy UBP! Your boys are gorgeous!

Hope you are enjoying the party! said...

Hi there! Nice to meet you! I loved reading about your life. I have a traveling life as well. My hubby works for the state department so we moved to england. Next month we move to singapore. It's great to read about your life in Japan. I will be coming back to your blog!

I hope you can stop by our blog: is a mom owned newly launched site.

Have a beautiful day

Nolie said...

Hi there. Stopping by for the party. How you liking Japan? Stop by if you get the chance.

Nolie's Ultimate Blog Party Post

La-La-Liene said...

Fellow AF wife here! We officially have about 500 days until retirement. Yippie! We've never been stationed overseas but many of our friends have been stationed either in Japan, England or Germany. I'm stopping by via the 2010 UBP. Also wanted to say your photos are beautiful and you have very handsome sons!

Susan said...

Simply cannot express enough appreciation to your family for your lives of service. My father was in the Air Force. Appreciate you so much! I am mama to two little men and we ADORE the Georgia Aquarium. I will share your aquarium post with them tomorrow! I hope we'll share time with one another.