Thursday, April 22, 2010

Broken Arm Update

This photo is for my sister (Aunt Sha Sha), and my mother (Mimi).  They called and demanded their names be added to the cast.  So this photo is for you, you made it!!
 He had his follow up arm check today.  They cut off the cast and took more x-rays.  I don't know if it's just me but I think his arm looks really bowed.  They guy waiting for x-rays of his knees also said "That's after 4 weeks of being in a cast?  Who was the doctor so I know to stay away from him."

Here is a picture of his new cast.  I think its much better than the large over the elbow cast.  I am also hoping that his arm straightens out more otherwise the hospital is going to have some issues with me.

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Anonymous said...

Dawn! That new red cast is awesome!! I loved seeing my name on his old cast! Can't wait for my name to go on his new one. His poor arm still looks bad! I hope Joe didn't bang it too bad on that ride! I'm on the internet if you want to skype. I drove to Alamo today after work. I'm staying till Monday.
Hope your good.