Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

Yesterday was the Easter egg hunt at Joe's squadron. It was actually really good. I was expecting a total failure from the lack of organization from the Christmas event but I was surprised.
Carter of course was not able to do a lot of things like the potato sack race,
duck walk and even the jumpy castles. He did get to start a minute early on the Easter egg hunt with the 0-3 year olds. After all he is only working with one good arm.

Chase did so well. He walked around and picked up eggs.
I think he had a blast.

Afterwards we came home and colored eggs. Actually the big boys colored eggs.
Chase sat down, dumped the orange all over his legs then took his egg and started taking it apart. That pretty much sums up his first egg coloring.

We had a great Easter this morning. The boys went through their Easter baskets; Chase choked on an M&M, that was scary; Joe made a wonderful breakfast and then we spent the afternoon/evening with the Salas family. It was a wonderful day.


Lindsey said...

I like the picture of Chase looking at the Easter Bunny like who are you...

Stacey said...

Happy Easter! I'm so happy you had a great one, we miss you! The boys are getting so big, LOVE the pictures with the Easter Bunny!

Anonymous said...

WOW Chase has gotten so big in ONE month!!!!!! Honestly, he's turning into his own human. lol. Ya know what I mean.. his own person/individual away from the other boys. Almost not a baby anymore. Better have another one. :)


Joia said...

Hey, Joia here - thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! My friend Sarah will be at a different base in Japan, but I still gave her your blog link, because she might still have questions you could answer. I Do know someone coming to Okinawa though, so I also sent her your link - thanks for the help! =)

Anonymous said...

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