Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Churaumi Aquarium

It's spring break here and we haven't done much!! I know horrible mom right??? Well, actually the truth is....I am letting the boys play hooky from school this coming Monday and Tuesday to take the kids to Okuma. Okuma is like a little getaway here on Okinawa. I will write more about it once we get back. Then the following Sunday we head up to Tokyo so the boys will miss a whole week of school then. all honesty don't feel bad for them.

Back to the Aquarium,
We haven't visited the Aquarium since August of last year. Not that Okinawa is very big by any means it just takes forever to get anywhere here. Bryson and Carter asked if their friend Anthony could come along and sure enough he could yeah!!

Off we went...
We had a great time and the boys had a blast.
Here is a picture of the big tank. You can read all about our trip to the aquarium back in August HERE, there are better pictures of the main tank, and the playground.

This is a garden eel.
Carter says they are very dangerous. That they will grab your leg and pull you under the sand.

We weren't able to catch the dolphin show last year because it was way to hot for Chase to be outside, but this time the weather was perfect.
We walked down to the ocean so the kids could look around. Bryson was jumping across rocks and fell in. It was so funny.

This is a picture of the backside of the Aquarium just to show you how big this place is.


Anonymous said...

That's amazing!!!! I want to come see yall!!!


Tell Carter to put my name on his cast!!

Sha Sha
Then take a photo!

Kristie said...

Amazing pictures!